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Flindt Wall Lamp

By Louis Poulsen


  • Description

    The new Flindt Wall joins the popular Flindt Bollard to bring expressive illumination and thoughtful design to indoor and outdoor spaces. Based on the same carved-out concept as the cylindrical Flindt Bollard, the wall-mounted Flindt Wall lamp continues the elegant form language in the shape of a circle. The Flindt Wall lamp is great for both the hall, bathroom and the outdoors. The Flindt Wall lamp is available in three different sizes and three different colourways.

    Soft and sculptural illumination for both indoors and outdoors
    The Flindt Wall lamp is distinguished by a light egress from an opening in the top that sends light down the front of the lamp. This creates a subtle, glowing ring of reflected light on the transition between the concave and convex shapes. A portion of the light is distributed backwards, creating an indirect light component in the shape of a half-moon.

    The main light is directed towards the ground underneath and to each side. However, the main surface also works as one big reflector, which angles light out into the room. Because the surface has a mat grained powder lacquering, the fixture renders and gives the light a textural feel as it gradients from top to bottom. The edge of the fixtures lightly catches light and ads a slightly glowing edge. Behind the top part of the wall lamp, where the light source is placed, there is a small slit, which leads out light to the wall behind the fixture, which creates gives a back drop of light in the shape of a half moon.

  • Technical Info

    Material: Die cast aluminium

    Ø200: Ø: 19 cm, D: 4.1 cm
    Ø300: Ø: 32 cm, D: 6.9 cm
    Ø400: Ø: 39 cm, D: 8.5 cm

    Ingress protection: IP65. Electric shock protection I w.ground.

  • Designer
    Christian Flindt

    Copenhagen-based lighting ,furniture and industrial designer Christian Flindt (b.1972) has established an international reputation with fresh, daring designs and an experimental approach. Christian Flindt graduated with an MAA and MDD from Aarhus School of Architecture in 2002. He then started his own design company in 2003. Christian Flindt began working with Louis Poulsen in 2006, since when he has developed the Flindt bollard and the LP Grand family

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  • Delivery

    3-4 weeks
    Made to order item

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