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Established in 1962 in Merano Italy, FLOS is an international company offering a range of products and systems in the residential and architectural lighting sector. Famous for solutions that are both creative and innovative, the company has a broad collection of iconic lighting products by celebrated designers including Achille Castiglioni, Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Marcel Wanders, Konstantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison, Patricia Urquiola, Ron Gilad, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and many more, up to the recent collaboration with Michael Anastassiades. FLOS has an ongoing commitment to research and innovation in lighting technology, combined with an extraordinary ability to identify new creative talents. FLOS lighting has flagship stores in Rome, Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, Stockholm, New York and Lyon. Browse our range of FLOS lights including the Arco floor lamp, Glo-balls and FLOS wall lamps to find your desired lighting solution today


  1. Bellhop Outdoor Wall Lamp_01

    Bellhop Outdoor Wall Lamp

    From: £366.00
  2. Gaku Lamp - Accessories_06

    Gaku Lamp - Accessories

    From: £30.00
  3. Gaku Lamp & Frame - Wire_02

    Gaku Lamp & Frame - Wire

  4. Gaku Lamp & Frame - Wireless_01

    Gaku Lamp & Frame - Wireless

  5. Camouflage Outdoor Wall Lamp_01

    Camouflage Outdoor Wall Lamp

    From: £178.00
  6. Sawaru Floor Lamp 07

    Sawaru Floor Lamp

    From: £750.00
  7. Wirering Pendant Lamp 01

    Wirering Pendant Lamp

    From: £620.00
  8. Overlap 01


    From: £1,500.00
  9. IC C/W2 Black Ceiling/Wall Lamp

    IC C/W2 Black Ceiling/Wall Lamp

  10. IC T2 Black Table Lamp

    IC T2 Black Table Lamp

  11. Bon Jour Table Lamp

    Bon Jour Table Lamp

    From: £425.00
  12. IC S2 Black Pendant Lamp

    IC S2 Black Pendant Lamp

  13. IC F2 Black Floor Lamp 01

    IC F2 Black Floor Lamp

  14. Bon Jour Unplugged Portable Table Lamp 01

    Bon Jour Unplugged Portable Table Lamp

    From: £225.00
  15. Bellhop Battery Portable Table Lamp_07

    Bellhop Battery Portable Table Lamp

  16. Arrangements 27S Pendant Lamp

    Arrangements 27S Pendant Lamp

  17. Arrangements 20S Pendant Lamp

    Arrangements 20S Pendant Lamp

  18. Arrangements 17S Pendant Lamp

    Arrangements 17S Pendant Lamp

  19. Arrangements 5S Pendant Lamp

    Arrangements 5S Pendant Lamp

  20. Arrangements 1S Pendant Lamp

    Arrangements 1S Pendant Lamp

  21. Snoopy table lamp - Green

    Snoopy table lamp - Green

  22. IC F1 nero floor lamp

    IC F1 nero floor lamp

  23. IC S1 nero pendant lamp

    IC S1 nero pendant lamp

  24. IC T1 nero high table lamp

    IC T1 nero high table lamp

  25. IC T1 nero low table lamp

    IC T1 nero low table lamp

  26. D'E Light table lamp

    D'E Light table lamp

  27. Serena table lamp

    Serena table lamp

  28. Superloon floor lamp

    Superloon floor lamp

    From: £3,305.00
  29. Extra T table lamp

    Extra T table lamp

    From: £420.00
  30. Captain Flint floor lamp

    Captain Flint floor lamp

  31. Taccia table lamp

    Taccia table lamp

    From: £670.00
  32. Clara wall/ceiling lamp

    Clara wall/ceiling lamp

    From: £585.00
  33. Ipnos floor lamp

    Ipnos floor lamp

  34. The Flos KTribe floor lamp

    Ktribe Floor lamp

    From: £675.00
  35. Ktribe floor lamp - F1

    Ktribe floor lamp - F1

    From: £490.00
  36. Ktribe table lamp - T1

    Ktribe table lamp - T1

  37. Ktribe pendant lamp

    Ktribe pendant lamp

    From: £205.00
  38. Miss K table lamp

    Miss K table lamp

    From: £240.00
  39. Stylos floor lamp

    Stylos floor lamp

  40. Clessidra wall lamp

    Clessidra wall lamp

  41. The Flos Spun Floor Lamp

    Spun floor lamp

  42. Romeo Moon pendant lamp

    Romeo Moon pendant lamp

    From: £340.00
  43. Skygarden pendant lamp

    Skygarden pendant lamp

    From: £1,655.00
  44. Mod. 2097 pendant lamp

    Mod. 2097 pendant lamp

    From: £1,315.00
  45. Rosy angelis floor lamp

    Rosy angelis floor lamp

  46. Tatou T1 table lamp

    Tatou T1 table lamp

  47. Tatou S2 pendant lamp

    Tatou S2 pendant lamp

  48. Mini Glo-Ball wall lamp

    Mini Glo-Ball wall lamp

  49. Foglio wall lamp

    Foglio wall lamp

    From: £170.00
  50. The Flos Zeppelin pendant lamp

    Zeppelin pendant lamp

    From: £2,925.00
  51. Copycat table lamp

    Copycat table lamp

  52. OK pendant lamp

    OK pendant lamp

    From: £450.00
  53. IC T2 table lamp

    IC T2 table lamp

  54. IC T1 low table lamp

    IC T1 low table lamp

  55. IC T1 high table lamp

    IC T1 high table lamp

  56. IC S2 pendant lamp

    IC S2 pendant lamp

  57. IC S1 pendant lamp

    IC S1 pendant lamp

  58. IC F2 floor lamp

    IC F2 floor lamp

  59. IC F1 floor lamp

    IC F1 floor lamp

  60. IC C/W2 wall/ceiling lamp

    IC C/W2 wall/ceiling lamp

  61. IC C/W1 wall/ceiling lamp

    IC C/W1 wall/ceiling lamp

  62. String Lights

    String Lights

    From: £700.00
  63. Luminator floor lamp

    Luminator floor lamp

  64. Aoy table lamp

    Aoy table lamp

  65. Snoopy table lamp

    Snoopy table lamp

  66. Biagio table lamp

    Biagio table lamp

  67. Toio floor lamp

    Toio floor lamp

  68. Glo-Ball pendant lamp

    Glo-Ball pendant lamp

    From: £335.00
  69. Arco floor lamp

    Arco floor lamp

  70. AIM suspension lamp

    AIM suspension lamp

  71. Kelvin Led floor lamp

    Kelvin Led floor lamp

  72. Ray F floor lamp

    Ray F floor lamp

    From: £840.00
  73. Glo-Ball F floor lamp

    Glo-Ball F floor lamp

    From: £660.00
  74. Fucsia pendant lamp

    Fucsia pendant lamp

    From: £205.00
  75. Piani table lamp

    Piani table lamp

  76. Tab F floor lamp

    Tab F floor lamp

  77. 265 wall lamp

    265 wall lamp

  78. May day lamp

    May day lamp

  79. Chasen pendant lamp

    Chasen pendant lamp

  80. Smithfield pendant lamp

    Smithfield pendant lamp

  81. Ray S pendant lamp

    Ray S pendant lamp

    From: £605.00
  82. Parentesi pendant lamp

    Parentesi pendant lamp

    From: £245.00
  83. Tab T table lamp

    Tab T table lamp

  84. Lampadina table lamp

    Lampadina table lamp

  85. Kelvin Led table lamp

    Kelvin Led table lamp

    From: £295.00
  86. Gatto table lamp

    Gatto table lamp

    From: £325.00
  87. Ray T table lamp

    Ray T table lamp

    From: £675.00
  88. Glo-Ball table lamp

    Glo-Ball table lamp

    From: £250.00
  89. Glo-Ball T1/T2 table lamp

    Glo-Ball T1/T2 table lamp

    From: £490.00