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Form Table

By Normann Copenhagen


  • Description

    The Form Table has a tabletop covered with linoleum and the edges, cross bars, and legs are made of solid, FSC certified American oak. Highly qualified furniture craftsmen make the wooden frames. The legs and cross bars are sanded by hand after they have been cut. After this, the parts are assembled using the moulded connectors. The tabletop is made using medium-density fireboard (MDF).
    Solid oak profiles are glued on to create the curved edges of the table. A layer of laminate is then used to cover the tabletop in
    order to increase its strength and ensure an even surface, so it doesn't begin to bulge over a long period of time. Finally, the table is finished with a layer of linoleum cut by hand for an exact fit.
    The quality materials and the rounded design language used for the Form Table give it a sensuous and welcoming expression. The legs are mounted onto the tabletop using specially developed moulded aluminium connectors in the same colour as the tabletop.The curved edges and rounded corners of the table soften the look, while the connectors work as an industrial contrast to the natural materials.
    The Form Table is available in square and rectangular versions in six classic colours that fit perfectly with the well thought out
    palette of the Form Chairs. Its durable materials the Form Table is also ideal for public environments where intensive use and hard wear can be experienced.

  • Technical Info

    White (laminate)
    Black, Light Grey, Blue, Red, Green (linoleum)

    Tabletop: laminate (white version only), linoleum (all other colours)
    Legs & frame: Oak.
    Connectors: Aluminium

    Size and price:
    H: 74,4 x L: 120 x D: 120 cm
    H: 74,4 x L: 200 x D: 95 cm

  • Designer
    Simon Legald

    Simon Legald graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in the summer of 2012. His work consists of both small- and large scale products. Simon’s designs are often created in a dialogue between craftsmanship and industry. He also likes to incorporate the techniques that are necessary for the structure of a product into the design by highlighting them visually.  “Honesty is what makes a product understandable and is what describes the products functionality. If you understand the product, it doesn’t need any explanation. The essence of my design is for it to be bought and used. Therefore it has to satisfy not only the functional aspects, but also the psychological and aesthetic needs. For me simplicity describes the true identity of objects and makes them trustworthy. In my design I try not to add any unnecessary details. I work with simplicity by highlighting the necessities instead of hiding them. It gives the product a simple and honest expression.

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  • Delivery

    4-5 weeks
    Made to order item

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