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Frame storage unit

By by Lassen


  • Description

    Frame is a flexible storage solution comprised of square boxes in cubic frames. Frame modules can be hung directly on the wall or stand on their own on the floor. The individual combination options are endless. Frame is manufactured in Denmark and created with attention to detail. Frame unites functionality, quality and aesthetics.

    Build your own Frame system

  • Technical Info

    Product range: With fitted door or without door

    Design: Mogens Lassen 1943 / by Lassen 2013

    H:28 x W:28 x D:28cm
    H:35 x W:35 x D:35cm
    H:42 x W:42 x D:21cm
    H:49 x W:49 x D:42cm (please note this model includes one shelf)

    The base for 49x49x42cm storage unit is available to buy separately here

    Material: Veneer / mdf / lacquered steel

    Please note that as the units can be used wall-mounted or free-standing, they do not come pre-drilled

  • Designer
    Flemming Lassen

    Architect Flemming Lassen (1902-1984) was a Modernist and was part of the movement to bring Functionalism to Denmark. Flemming Lassen is particularly well known for his work with Arne Jacobsen on the award-winning House of the Future and Søllerød Town Hall, and his furniture has also achieved international recognition. During his career, Flemming Lassen was honoured with many awards and grants for his unique designs and iconic architecture. Like his brother Mogens Lassen, Flemming Lassen already knew from a very young age that he would become an architect. He was born into an artistic family with a father who was a decorative painter and a mother who was a painter. As a child, he and his brother Mogens spent all of their savings on architecture books and their favourite pastime was measuring houses with the intent of sketching them. In 1910, Flemming and Mogens Lassen ended up in the same class as Arne Jacobsen at the same boarding school in Nærum, and the brothers' interest in architecture rubbed off on young Arne. They convinced him to become an architect, not a painter, and they later received a letter of thanks from Arne Jacobsen's father for their positive influence on his son.

    Mogens Lassen

    Architect Mogens Lassen (1901-1987) is among the greatest and most influential of Danish architects, a pioneer of Danish Functionalism, and is internationally renowned for his characteristic architecture. Mogens Lassen was inspired by the German design school Bauhaus, and its geometric shapes recur often in his iconic designs.

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    • Black stained ash, with fitted doors
    • Black stained ash, without doors
    • Dark grey, with fitted doors
    • Dark grey, without doors
    • Light grey, with fitted doors
    • Light grey, without doors
    • Oak, with fitted doors
    • Oak, without doors
    • Pale green, with fitted doors
    • Pale green, without doors
    • Smoked oak, with fitted doors
    • Smoked oak, without doors
    • White, with fitted doors
    • White, without doors

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