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  • Montana Free – Freestanding, easy to assemble and irresistibly mobile

Free shelving system

By Montana

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  • Description

    The Montana Free shelving system is a new kind of furniture for a new way of living. Freestanding, easy to assemble and irresistibly mobile. Montana Free is designed to last. But also made for change. Because life changes. Your mood changes. Your needs change. So does Montana Free. Move it around, expand it, add more colours. Cover it with memories or go full-blown minimal. Share it with someone or keep it to yourself. Montana Free is not just a piece of furniture; it’s a big, open canvas. The shelving system has all the marks of Montana’s unique DNA and the high quality you would expect.

    Designed by Jakob Wagner.

    The optional textile panels for the Free Shelving System are not included, but can be bought separately here.

    For more composition options than showed on our website please contact our web team or one of our stores.

  • Technical Info

    Lacquered MDF shelves in depth 38 cm divided by tubes emphasizing the horizontal shelves.
    The shelves and the tubes are available in four lacquer colours: New White, Fjord, China Red and Black.

    110000: H: 41.7 cm, W: 138.4 cm, D: 38 cm.
    220000: H: 75.8 cm, W: 138.4 cm, D: 38 cm.
    333000: H: 109.9 cm, W: 203.4 cm, D: 38 cm.
    550000: H: 178.1 cm, W: 138.4 cm, D: 38 cm.
    542000: max. H: 178.1 cm, W: 203.4 cm, D: 38 cm. (Height at second level: 144 cm, third level: 75.8 cm)
    522100: max. H: 178.1 cm, W: 203.4 cm, D: 38 cm. (Height at second level: 75.8 cm)

    Compositions with W: 138.4 cm can carry a maximum of 30 kg.
    Compositions with W: 203.4 cm can carry a maximum of 45 kg.

  • Designer
    Jakob Wagner

    Jakob Wagner is one of Scandinavia's foremost designers at present, and has exhibited at some of the biggest museums worldwide, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York with the Propeller Trivet from Menu.

    Jakob is motivated by his love of meaningful shapes. He works at the balancing point between contrasting visual expressions: masculine/feminine, organic/geometric, symmetric/asymmetric etc. "It brings the object to life, challenges our senses and appeals to our feelings," he says - and it is this very approach that makes it so enjoyable for him to work with Menu.

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    • Model 110000
    • Model 220000
    • Model 333000
    • Model 522100
    • Model 542000
    • Model 550000

    • Black
    • China Red
    • Fjord
    • New White

  • Delivery

    3-4 weeks
    Made to order item

Regular Price: £451.00

Special Price £383.35

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