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Table 90A - Linoleum Smokey Blue

By Artek


  • Description

    With Artek Colour 2018, Artek dove into their archives and analysed the finishes they had used over the decades. Certain guiding motives became obvious, one of which was the use of dark stains on wooden surfaces. The Artek Colour 2018 collection builds upon these historic finds, introducing the deep walnut stained birch finish to some of their most iconic furniture. This table mixes walnut stained birch on the legs and frame with a smokey blue linoleum top.

    Alvar Aalto's L-leg is considered to be his most important gift to the world of furniture design. The L-leg, which he developed in the early 1930s, solved the old problem of attaching vertical legs to a horizontal top. Previously, there were two solutions: cut holes in the table top and glue the legs to the holes, or join the legs to a frame and attach the frame to the underside of the table. Aalto's curved L-leg bent from a vertical to a horizontal position so it could be attached with screws. The new technique eliminated the need for complicated joinery, and enabled formerly shape-marring joints to appear attractive. Today, L-leg furniture is still popular, although few are aware that it was created by Alvar Aalto.

    Artek's L-leg is made from birch wood carefully selected and collected from the Finnish forests. Before the raw material goes into production it is left to dry by the sun and wind. After cross cutting and sawing off raw material only hi-quality flawless woods with no structural errors are selected. Thin preglued pieces of birch veneer are put in the grooves, enabling the wood to be bent to form a 90¡ angle with the help of presteaming and microwave heating. The form pressed leg piece is placed in a microprocessor controlled drying chamber to ensure the correct final moisture degree, assuring the legs long lasting quality. Finally the L-leg is lacquered carefully and is ready for assembly. Thanks to this unique production method, the L-leg keeps its shape forever and ages gracefully, lasting from generation to generation

  • Technical Info

    Legs and top edge-band are solid birch
    Top core consists of chipboard & honeycomb
    Top surface: Linoleum

    Ø100 x H:74cm

  • Designer
    Alvar Aalto

    Undoubtedly the most celebrated and influential genius of Scandinavian design, Aalto's (1898-1976) work stretches from furniture to architecture and city planning, from art glass to light fittings. His most famous buildings include the Paimio hospital in Finland, the Viipuri library in todays Russia, the Finlandia Hall in Helsinki and the Essen Opera House in Germany.

    Aalto was strongly influenced by the organic shapes of Finnish nature and both his world famous Savoy vase, his folding screen and the Paimio chair share their curving shapes with many of his buildings. Aalto was a great innovator of new manufacturing techniques for wooden furniture, a material he always preferred before steel because of its more humane character. His experiments with the bending of wood resulted in a series of unique and best selling furniture designs, most of them still in production by Artek, the company Aalto co-founded in 1935. His career lasted for six decades, from the 1920s to the 1970s.

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