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Lounge Chair JH97

By Fritz Hansen


  • Description

    Reminiscent of the mid-century modern classic design, this lounge chair is enhanced with plush cushioning, body-cradling curves, and soft, luxurious upholstery. With its distinctive silhouette, this lounge chair is more than just a place to sit – it's an artful accent! This piece can be used as the centerpiece of a living room arrangement or catch the eye when tucked into an empty corner
    A new addition to the Fritz Hansen lounge chair category, the Lounge Chair JH97™ combines quality craftsmanship with versatility and affordability. Mix and match frame and upholstery options to create the perfect chair for your space.

  • Technical Info

    H 85.2 x W 77.4 x D 80.5cm

    Black painted ash
    Walnut stained oak
    Clear lacquered oak
    Oil oak

    Light grey
    Dark petrol blue
    Dark green

    For more options for finish, upholstery or colours please contact our web team
    Light blue uni

  • Designer
    Jaime Hayon

    Spanish artist-designer was born in Madrid in 1974. As a teenager, he submerged himself in skateboard culture and graffiti art, the foundation of the detailed, bold-yet-whimsical imagery so imminent in his work today. After studying industrial design in Madrid and Paris he joined Fabrica in 1997, the Benetton-funded design and communication academy, working closely with the legendary image-maker and agitator Oliviero Toscani.
    In a short time he was promoted from student to head of their Design Department. Eight years later, Jaime broke out on his own, first with his collections of designer toys, ceramics and furniture, later followed by interior design and installations. Jaime Hayon has created the FAVN™ sofa for Fritz Hansen. It is designed with great attention to detail and consist of very few elements. Creating FAVN™ has been an experimental dialogue. Thinking in a holistic approach, discussing who we are and how we live. Back to the human approach, while being innovative and taking risks.
    I wanted to create a form that embraces you, something really organic - that's why we named it FAVN. At the same time I wanted to explore a technique - I always focus on techniques. It looks really simple, but it's really complex.

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    • Black painted ash
    • Clear Lacquered Oak
    • Oiled Oak
    • Walnut Stained Oak

    • Christianhavn Yellow 1110
    • Christianhavn Beige
    • Christianhavn Red
    • Christianhavn Light Blue uni
    • Christianhavn Grey
    • Light grey, Hallingdal 65 130
    • Harald Dark Petrol
    • Harald 982 Dark Green
    • Ria Yellow/Blue
    • Ria Pink/Orange
    • Wild Leather Walnut

  • Delivery

    7-8 weeks
    Made to order item

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