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DIimi photo book - Grey

By Liewood


  • Description

    Collect your beautiful and wonderful memories in this new photo book. It has rooms for your personal pictures so you can look at them again and again. Find it in three different colours.

    The plastic rooms inside of the book are made of PET. PET is also used for water bottles etc, so there is no harmful substances in it.

  • Technical Info

    A little technical info:
    PET contains no phthalates. Phthalates are low molecular weight monoesters made from ortho-phthalic acid. By comparison, PET is high molecular weight polyester made from tere-phthalic acid and these forms are chemically very different. Phthalates (ie phthalate ester plasticizers) are not used in the manufacture of PET, and PET itself is not a phthalate. Plasticizer phthalates are sometimes used to soften other types of plastic, but they are not used in PET. Some consumers may have incorrectly assumed that PET is a phthalate because PET's chemical name is polyethylene terephthalate.

    Color: Little dot dumbo grey
    Quality: 100% cotton organic
    Dimensions: 14x18 cm

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  • Delivery

    2-4 weeks

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