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GUBI is a global design house on a continual quest. A journey. Fuelled by a passion to discover overlooked icons from the past and future icons in the making, GUBI has made a distinctive name for itself in the international design arena as a dynamic design force to be reckoned with.

Curiosity, courage and intuition are key components for the success of a company that sees itself as a treasure hunter. “Design is all about discovering gems and following your instincts. It involves travelling, searching and finding long-lost remnants from the past as well as contemporary, cutting-edge designs from new artists on the horizon.” – Jacob Gubi, Owner and Founder.

  1. Pedrera coffee table

    Pedrera coffee table

    From: £713.00
  2. Gravity table Lamp

    Gravity table Lamp

    From: £447.00
  3. F.A. 33 Gio Ponti Rectangular mirror - 80 x 54 cm, Black brass
  4. F.A. 33 Gio Ponti Rectangular mirror - 146 x 70 cm, Black Brass
  5. Gravity Floor Lamp

    Gravity Floor Lamp

    From: £761.00
  6. B-4 Table Lamp
  7. Paper Coffee Table

    Paper Coffee Table

    From: £275.00
  8. Dédal Shelf
  9. 62 dresser

    62 dresser

    From: £2,559.00
  10. Beetle plastic dining chair
  11. Beetle dining chair

    Beetle dining chair

    From: £838.00
  12. Beetle lounge chair

    Beetle lounge chair

    From: £1,347.00
  13. Beetle plastic dining chair, wooden legs
  14. Bestlite BL7 wall lamp
  15. Bestlite BL5 wall lamp
  16. Bestlite BL9 pendant lamp
  17. Bestlite BL4 floor lamp
  18. Bestlite BL3 floor lamp medium
  19. Bestlite BL3 floor lamp small
  20. Bestlite BL2 table lamp
  21. Bestlite BL1 table lamp
  22. Matégot Trolley
  23. Matégot Coat rack
  24. Randaccio Wall Circular Mirror
  25. F.A. 33 Gio Ponti Rectangular mirror - 146 x 70 cm, Polished Brass
  26. F.A. 33 Gio Ponti Rectangular mirror - 80 x 54 cm, Polished brass
  27.  Multi-lite pendant lamp
  28. G10 collection - Pendant lamp
  29. G10 collection - Floor lamp
  30. TS coffee table

    TS coffee table

    From: £485.00
  31. Ronde Pendant lamp

    Ronde Pendant lamp

    From: £227.00
  32. Turbo Pendant lamp

    Turbo Pendant lamp

    From: £504.00
  33. Grasshopper table lamp
  34. Grasshopper pendant lamp
  35. Cobra wall lamp
  36. Adnet rectangulaire mirror
  37. Adnet circulaire mirror
  38. Grasshopper floor lamp
  39. Cobra floor lamp
  40. Semi pendant lamp

    Semi pendant lamp

    From: £250.00
  41. Cobra table lamp