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Haugesen table

By Fredericia


  • Description

    Functionality and beauty come together in this table, which in 1986, deservedly won the coveted Danish ID Design Award. The characteristic metal construction of the frame creates an appealing contrast to the ash tabletop.

    Only after closer examination do we see that the table has two flaps that can be folded out. The flaps are hidden underneath the table and are kept in place by a unique mechanism which is easy to use and which is also an integral part of the table design. The Haugesen table measures 92 cm in width and 189 cm in length. With the flaps extended, the table reaches a length of 305 cm.

  • Technical Info

    Measurements: L: 186/305 x W: 92 x H: 72 cm

    Material: black linoleum

  • Designer
    Niels Jørgen Haugesen

    “If you cannot create functional furniture then you had better turn your hand to something else.”.

    These heartfelt sentiments come from one of Danish design’s big names and bear witness to the high standards that Niels Jørgen Haugesen applies to his own furniture production. There is little doubt that he does live up to these stringent demands, however. In 1996, he was awarded the Møbelprisen and twice earlier he was the recipient of the ID Design Award..

    Haugesen’s success is partly due to his tenacity. The ability to keep on going until a thing is finished is a skill he honed when working for Arne Jacobsen’s design studio. Here, he spent five years absorbing all he could about furniture design, interior decorating and proportioning. To this day, Arne Jacobsen remains one of Haugesen’s idols together with a number of other prominent furniture designers from the 1960s and 1970s. Having said this, Haugesen is still very much an original. His collaboration with Fredericia Furniture began in 2002 with his sofa, Distance. The name of the sofa, the final design of which was the result of a prolonged dialogue between designer and furniture manufacturer, refers to the distance between the back and neck support, but just as much to the sense of distance Haugesen has strived to achieve in relation to other pieces of his furniture:.

    “I like my furniture to have a clear identity that hopefully appeals to people’s senses.”

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