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About: Christinas Interiors

As the co founder and former Creative Director of Skandium, I have in autumn 2016 opened my own company Christinas Interiors, offering interior design services, including product development and art buying consultation.

I welcome a wide selection of projects both for private and corporate clients. These can range from new builds, encompassing everything from a dialogue with the architect to the refurbishment of listed properties as well as straightforward decorative requests. My emphasis is on creating harmonious spaces, beautiful, simple and strong. Every project is unique and needs to tell its own story, which in turn will define the space. Good interior execution enhances the quality of everyday living by carefully choosing materials and colours, the proportion and placement of furniture, art and objects, giving strength to the space and thereby supporting its owner. Scandinavian design through its purity and integrity is a natural companion to a wide range of cultural influences and a variety of styles.

For interior design service and costing quotation please contact Christina Schmidt.

Tel: +44 (0) 7739 430 881
Email: christina@christinasinteriors.com
Website Christinasinteriors.com

Please note, quotation varies, depending on the project.


Blackheath Mews

The house was refurbished by client with neutral wall colour and wooden flooring plus kitchen installed. For hallway, a wallpaper along one wall was chosen to break the rhythm of the long corridor. A large round brass mirror in thin frame added to reflect light from opposite room. Wall along right hand side of corridor used as an art gallery going forward where in time more works will be hanging. All artwork sourced for client. All rooms received light, sheer linen curtains to add fresh warmth to each space. All furniture are new purchases. Bed was clients own, bedside unit and wallpaper added for character without taking away the light touch of the room, art chosen together with client.

Customer review

With Christina's considerable expertise and attention to detail we have created a beautiful environment which is a real joy on a day to day basis. This return on a daily basis has made the project incredibly worthwhile.
What was really important to us is that she spent a significant amount of time getting to know us and our personalities so that the finished project really reflects us and what we were looking to do albeit with one key difference - it's more imaginative and less "safe" than if we were left to our own devices and there are some wonderful flourishes we would never have thought of.
The overall feel is very calming and coherent and that was very much the brief we presented. Another key advantage for us in using Christina was just how much time was saved as her knowledge of what would work and where to source it really short circuited the process for us. From curtains over furniture and accessories to artwork, working with Christina has given us a very happy and beautiful home.

Katie Oakley & Michael Cahill

Dulwich Project

A full home renovation of an early 1960s house. Simple solutions worked well with this property which received total new decoration of all rooms including new bathrooms and new floors throughout the house. Here a kitchen from Ikea with dark blue wall tiles and wooden worktop. Together with blinds and partitions from Woodnotes it worked well in the space, giving it freshness and warmth. The home has a dog so the entrance and kitchen floor was tiled for practical reasons.

Customer review

I moved from a Victorian cottage to a 1960s semidetached house in Dulwich. Since the new home was a modern house my perception at the time was, it needs a lick of paint and is ready to move in. Just turned out, there was much more to it once looking closer, so I decided to get help from an interior designer and chose Christina Schmidt from Skandium. We decided a neutral wall colour to suit the character of the house, removed the carpeting from all rooms, replacing it with sisal and for entrance and kitchen floor large tiles in tone with the sisal carpeting.
The door handles where incorrect in style for the house so we changed these to a version which was better suited. All radiators were changed to a simple flat version. Woodnotes partitions where installed along kitchen glass door leading to terrace, same Woodnotes style used for roller blind in kitchen. The simple window setting is light and airy with a beautiful, warm material, offering a feel of comfort. The windows in all rooms have simple sheer linen curtains, letting in endless amount of light while framing the room with the softness of the fabric. All bathrooms where completely refurbished. The kitchen is an Ikea kitchen made very considerate by choosing contrasting tiles for backdrop and a wooden counter top adding warmth. I am thrilled with the result. It is neutral and light, suiting the house perfectly and now offers a wide variety of furniture and dressing choices. I can feel the house is smiling and I smile with it, thank you for your help!

Pauline Garrett, Dulwich

A Home in Islington

This is a Regency style property, owned by a young professional couple with 3 small children. The house was a more or less blank canvas at starting point with furniture often placed out of context. The wall colour for the entrance and stairway was chosen to keep a light, uplifting character as this is a home with young children. The aim was to give each room warmth and personality without overdecorating it and to adapt to the style of the building. The children's rooms where kept in similar, light base colours to give an even flow between the rooms. The bedroom is a relatively large room which was toned down with a darker wallpaper to give a sense of warmth and embrace. For the living room, we designed a small coffee table, fitting to the dimensions of the room and to tie in the various furniture in the room. The kitchen/TV area is both simple and stylish, able to accommodate parents and children in a comfortable way.

Customer review

Christina carried out a refurbishment of my Georgian townhouse in Islington, London. The brief was to reorganise and refurbish all the main rooms of the house. We were moving out of a phase of parenting young children into that of young adults and needed to use both our communal and private spaces differently.
Christina took on the challenge with enthusiasm, verve, precision and a dedication to attention to detail. I was particularly pleased that where possible, she retained existing pieces of furniture and art work, often just re-situated.
Christina delivered a cohesive colour scheme that has drawn the house together very harmoniously. In particular, she has transformed an unloved small morning room into a perfect jewel that all who visit are drawn to spending time in.
The children’s bedrooms were completely overhauled and now share a common thread but each with their own individuality. Again, Christina was astute and re-engineered existing furniture, tweaking it and altering colours with a positive outcome.
In the master bedroom, she helped come up with a colour scheme that has transformed the energy of the space. Equally, the hallway and stairwells are rejuvenated. The overall effect is that the house feels very harmonious and coherent.
I have been so thrilled with what Christina achieved for us in London that I have commissioned her to orchestrate the entire interior for a new build that I am developing in Cornwall. This has been a demanding project as she has had to work off plan. Many decisions have had to be made well ahead of construction. Christina has advised on all aspects of this build from bathrooms to fittings and fixtures, floorings, overall colour scheme and furnishing.
Christina has an innate understanding of spaces and how to make a room “work”. She has an immaculate eye for colour and an encyclopaedic knowledge of furniture, designers and lighting. I recommend her services wholeheartedly.

Lowri Story

Modern Living in Kensington

The starting point was a derelict space, a large one room with balcony. The lowered ceiling was removed to show off the beautiful original features. The bedroom flooring built in with a kitchen installed underneath and a shower above, in conjunction to the sleeping area. The base colour of walls was kept white as not to break up the limited space even more. The windows towards balcony taken out and folding windows from floor to ceiling installed with restored balcony flooring, the outdoor space became a terrace, adding to the internal floorspace a sense of generosity. The furniture chosen had to reflect an artistic owner with a very personal sense of style. Each item was carefully selected to suit the person and the space.

The Strand

A 1980's new build, with kitchen already in place when the project started. Artwork already existing. The wallpaper in hallway, bed and dressing room were chosen to bring an unexpected attribute to a neutral space. Woodnotes partitions where installed in the bedroom along the window walls, keeping a light atmosphere to an otherwise dark bedroom with low ceiling, disguising the unsightly outside. The living room got light, one layered linen curtains, adding softness to the room. The modern furniture was chosen to fit each room, merging well with a few antique pieces. The outdoor furniture had to go harmoniously with the style indoors.

Customer review

Christina has worked on three different projects over the past nine years - two London flats and a holiday flat in Spain. She has a wonderful combination of great design sense, intuitive connection to customer requirements and an important budget balance of splash vs save!
Christina took a standard large Central London flat and created areas of interest utilising new furniture, shape from textural elements using curtains, rugs and focused pops of color on the walls, whilst retaining my requirements for a modern and clean look. When this flat was sold my estate agent commented that the design elements added a significant increment to the value of the property.
For the holiday flat Christina recommended some amazing outdoor furniture that adds a perfect comfortable lounge effect to a large stone terrace and some amazing indoor pieces that suit a very hot and sunny environment.
Clearly I highly recommend Christina and she is amazing and fun to work on all elements of a design project.

Katharine Burns

Living in a Mansion block

The client of this project is a professional couple without children.The space is a rented 2 bedroom flat in a Victorian Mansion block which had to be furnished without doing any general decoration to the space. The aim was to give a conventional space a slightly unconventional touch, not using fixed 'sets' of furniture but mix a variety of styles within the modernist ranges to bring out a personal flavour, working with the specific features and fixtures of the space.