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ISP Table Lamp

By DCW éditions


  • Description

    This is not just a lamp. It is light itself. Look at the future : it’s there in your hand.

    That is the genius of its inventor. Ilia Sergeevich Potemine is Italian-Russian. You may think he’s a designer. In reality he’s an airline pilot. The sky is his playground, the sun a revolutionary star and he has only dropped in on this earth for the time it takes for a quick layover. For the time it takes to design the extraordinary lights that are in complete contrast with what the mainstream is doing.

    Another lamp. Yes. But this one is like no other that has come before. Designed in conscious opposition to the standard artefacts of our time, Potemine’s lamp is more like a beautiful torch, like the baton passed between the runners in a race that counts only the enlightened and initiated among its participants.

    No more bulbs. Certainly no switches. Mechanics, machined, electrical contacts, LEDs : its technical aspects occupied an engineer full time for 18 months.
    Lighting. Extinguishing. None before Poternine has pushed lighting to such extremes. The simplest of movements and a science fiction dream becomes a palpable reality. The gesture takes on a physical and mystical reality : like a 21st Century flint sitting on a marble ramp the ISP lamp takes on the aura of a spatial beam.

  • Technical Info

    Brass body - White Marble
    Brass body - Black Marble

    Length 55cm
    Height 12.1cm
    Width 8cm

    The light can extend 14.5cm from the body.

    Electric fabric wire (CL III – LED 8W)

    Designer: Ilia Sergeevich Poternine

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    • Black Marble
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