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Kalmar Werkstätten stands for classic modernity. By combining honoured craftsmanship with cutting-edge design, and elevating minimal forms with soulful materials, Kalmar Werkstätten strikes that perfect balance between timeless aesthetics and progressive thinking.

Established in 1881, Vienna-based Kalmar is the lighting manufacturer of choice for architects and design professionals all over the world. Rediscovering Austrian modernism's directness of form, honest expression of industry and craftsmanship and its dedication to time-honoured materials, the company's Kalmar Werkstätten designs, based on drawings found in the Kalmar archives and adapted for today's residential and commercial interiors, are regarded as contemporary heirlooms in their own right.

Under the leadership of creative director Garth Roberts, this approach produces lighting that is perfectly versatile. Table and floor lamps, pendants and sconces, can compliment a space with intelligent reserve or stand out with individualistic flair. They are sourced for interiors of many styles, across a range of functions.

  1. Billy Floor Lamp - Ilse Crawford edition

    Billy Floor Lamp - Ilse Crawford edition

  2. Billy Table Lamp - Ilse Crawford edition

    Billy Table Lamp - Ilse Crawford edition

  3. Fliegenbein table lamp

    Fliegenbein table lamp

  4. Fliegenbein floor lamp

    Fliegenbein floor lamp

  5. Dornstab Floor Lamp

    Dornstab Floor Lamp

    From: £2,480.00
  6. Billy Table Lamp

    Billy Table Lamp

  7. Dreistelz Floor Lamp

    Dreistelz Floor Lamp

    From: £1,787.00
  8. Kilo Table lamp

    Kilo Table lamp

  9. Kilo Floor lamp

    Kilo Floor lamp

  10. Egon Floor Lamp

    Egon Floor Lamp

    From: £2,415.00
  11. Hase TL Table Lamp

    Hase TL Table Lamp

  12. Hase BL Floor Lamp

    Hase BL Floor Lamp