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Lapuan Kankurit is a jacquard linen and wool weaving mill from Finland, where weaving skills and material knowhow have been refined into excellence for decades. Behind the successful products are top designers, professional staff, the latest weaving techniques and a responsible attitude towards the environment and people. Their woven textiles tell their tale of finished craftsmanship, user comfort, natural materials, technical product innovations, an ecologically sound approach and Scandinavian design. At Lapuan Kankurit they know where the materials come from, and all the working stages from thread to product. Skillfully woven and finished fabrics last from one generation to the next.

The product range includes a variety of table and kitchen textiles, textiles for bathing and sauna, home accessories from curtains to cushions, and throws. And they won’t forget you either: their scarves and ponchos in linen or wool bring you close to natural materials.

  1. Ruusu x Hvittrask tea towel

    Ruusu x Hvittrask tea towel

  2. Maria Hot Water Bottle - Black-Grey

    Maria Hot Water Bottle - Black-Grey

  3. Maria Hot Water Bottle - Grey-White

    Maria Hot Water Bottle - Grey-White

  4. Revontuli Blanket - Green-Petroleum

    Revontuli Blanket - Green-Petroleum

  5. Revontuli Blanket

    Revontuli Blanket

  6. Sara Blanket

    Sara Blanket

  7. Himmeli Blanket

    Himmeli Blanket

  8. Maija Tea Towel

    Maija Tea Towel

  9. Sato Tea Towel

    Sato Tea Towel

  10. Mono Tea Towel

    Mono Tea Towel

  11. Ryytimaa Tea Towel

    Ryytimaa Tea Towel

  12. Verso towel - red/linen

    Verso towel - red/linen

  13. Meru towel - Multicoloured

    Meru towel - Multicoloured

  14. Koira towel

    Koira towel

  15. Kukat cushion cover 50x50cm

    Kukat cushion cover 50x50cm

  16. Kili Throw - Grey, 65x90cm (small)

    Kili Throw - Grey, 65x90cm (small)

  17. Eskimo towel

    Eskimo towel

    From: £15.00
  18. Corona blanket

    Corona blanket

  19. Ruut Tea Towel

    Ruut Tea Towel

  20. Ruut Table Runner

    Ruut Table Runner

  21. Viiva Tablerunner

    Viiva Tablerunner

  22. Viiva Teatowel

    Viiva Teatowel

  23. Kili Throw

    Kili Throw

  24.  Maija Dishcloth

    Maija Dishcloth

  25. Keto Blanket

    Keto Blanket

  26. Usva napkin

    Usva napkin

  27. Tyyppi tea towel

    Tyyppi tea towel

  28. Puula tea towel

    Puula tea towel

  29. Helmi tea towel

    Helmi tea towel

  30. Colombina tea towel

    Colombina tea towel

  31. Valkko tea towel

    Valkko tea towel

    From: £16.00
  32. Aava tea towel

    Aava tea towel

  33. Maria pocket shawl

    Maria pocket shawl

    From: £70.00
  34. Maria blanket

    Maria blanket

  35. Saaga Uni mohair blanket

    Saaga Uni mohair blanket