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Enigma Black pendant lamp

By Louis Poulsen


  • Description

    Shoichi Uchiyama’s popular Enigma lamp – a bestselling Louis Poulsen design – capitalises on contrasts; its circular, light-filtering tiers cutting through darkness when lit, and its simple forms combining joining to get her create a sophisticated silhouette.
    While nodding to Poul Henningsen’s multi-shade design concept, Uchiyama’s form stands alone with its unique, futuristic – or perhaps galactic–form.
    By preparing for the lamp design's full scale mock-ups with actual light source, Uchiyama examines the intensity and color of light,the shadows casting on the objects,as well as the fixture 's aesthetic appearance.
    Such a strict design process leads to the creation of simple and functional form,and it finally gives his products a minimalist beauty of Japanese tradition.

  • Technical Info

    Floating appearance, Light and simple design Shaping Light
    Down-directed light
    Lateral dissemination of the light due to the special shade design
    Suitable for large rooms and high ceilings
    Great architectural versatility

    •Easy to clean
    •Easy bulb changes

    Concept: The fixture emits glare-free, soft, comfortable downward light.
    The shade design ensures even illumination of the surface.
    The matt upper surface diffuses the light, while the shiny lower surface ensures optimal reflection.
    Finish: Aluminium, brushed and coated black and shades in matt acrylic black.
    Material: Cone: Anodised brushed aluminium, black.
    Wire: Black. Shades: Matt acrylic, black. Pendant tube: Extruded aluminium, black.

    Mounting: Suspension type: Cable 2x0,75mm². Canopy: Yes.
    425: Ø:42.5 x H:74cm Cable length: 3m.
    545: Ø:54.5 x H:97cm Cable length: 4m
    825: Ø82.5 x H:155cm Cable length: 4m.

    Classes: Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection II w/o ground.

  • Designer
    Shoichi Uchiyama

    Shoichi Uchiyama was born and bred in Tokyo. Since the foundation of Shoichi Uchiyama Design Office in 1977, he has been committed to creation of lighting fixtures with glare-free indirect light that make objects beautiful, and allow people to feel the texture and depth of objects. He seeks quality lighting through the design of lighting fixtures , and devotes himself to realize the beautiful effect of indirect light in space. As a basic concept, Uchiyama tries to create the ideal light distribution and the elimination of uncomfortable glare by controlling of light, through thorough understanding of light source characteristics. He believes that the verification process for lighting effect in particular is essential to pursue high-quality lighting. By preparing for the fixture's full scale mock-ups with actual light source, he examines the intensity and color of light, the shadows casting on the objects, as well as the fixture's aesthetic appearance. Such strict design process leads to the creation of simple and functional form, and it finally gives his products a minimalistic beauty of Japanese tradition. Uchiyama's lighting fixtures, which are created through an accurate calculation of light, are the proof of his design philosophy. He has won the iF Award in Germany and the Good Design Award in Japan for designs created by his unique talent.

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