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Candela - A01 Table Lamp

By Astep


  • Description

    Continuing the long tradition of elegant Scandinavian flame luminaries, Candela, designed by Francisco Gomez Paz, advances this classic product typology with 21st century technology. As the first product of Astep, Candela is a manifesto that speaks to evolution in design and technology, and respect for the environment.
    Astep is inspired by evolution; the use of fire to power LED lights represents both the oldest and the newest forms of illumination in a single product. By harvesting energy, Candela provides light and powers your mobile devices with an aesthetic that is both technical and warmly domestic.
    For Candela, Astep has crafted a novel energy harvesting system that generates electricity from the heat of the flame thanks to the thermoelectric Seebeck effect. Powered by bioethanol, a clean, natural and renewable fuel made from plants, Candela produces it’s own electricity to provide cosy LED illumination, and charge mobile devices via USB.

    Candela generates its own electricity, enabling you to charge your mobile devices via USB cable. It is easily ignited with a match or lighter; a full tank contains 300 ml of bioethanol enough for five hours of use. With an internal battery that charges whenever there is a flame, Candela can charge mobile phones and tablets even when powered‑off.
    The smokeless flame can be used indoors and outdoors. Ideal for cafés, restaurants, waiting rooms and private homes, Candela provides a warm cozy light and a thoughtful power port.
    Candela is responsibly assembled in Italy, with recyclable materials such as opalescent glass and aluminum, and a variety of high-temperature advanced thermal materials.

  • Technical Info

    Type: Portable Table Luminaire
    Environment: Indoor
    Materials: Opaline Glass, Anodized Aluminum, Alumina Wick, High-Temperature Materials
    Finish: White Diffuser, Anodized Aluminum Fuel Tank
    Dimensions: ∅ 186 x 241 mm
    Color Temperature: 2200 Kelvin
    Battery Capacity: 3400 mAh
    Connectivity: USB Type A Port
    Fuel Type: Bioethanol
    Fuel Capacity: 260 ml (5 hours)

  • Designer
    Francisco Gomez Paz

    Born in Salta in Argentina in 1975, Francisco Gomez Paz moved to Milan after completing studies in Industrial Design at the Universidad Nacional de Cordoba. In 2004 he opened his design studio in Milan. Driven by a curiosity and knowledge of technology and materials, and complimented by his highly experimental hands-on creative process, Francisco Gomez Paz has developed products for a wide range of leading design companies. Together with Luceplan he has developed iconic lightning solutions, advancing the lightning design industry. Francisco Gomez Paz stays active in the field of research and education. Since 2000 he has been visiting professor at Domus Academy, holding lectures in Italy and abroad. His projects have been exhibited in several international events and published by leading design publications. His work has received several international recognitions including the Good Design Award 2010 and the Red Dot Award 2010. Together with Alberto Meda, Francisco Gomez Paz was awarded the First Prize of the Index Award for the Solar Bottle, which also has been selected for the MOMA’s Study Collection. In 2011 he won the Prize of Prizes to Innovation in Design for the Hope chandelier, followed by the prestigious Compasso d’Oro 2011. Francisco Gomez Paz works and lives between Milan and Salta.

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