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LIND DNA is a Danish design company founded by the two sisters Mie and Bine Lind. Inspired by the rugged Scandinavian nature and with a predilection for sustainable Danish materials, the sisters designed their first collection of lifestyle products and interior design in 2013. The LIND DNA vision is to create designs that respect and challenge the Danish design tradition. Local production and craftsmanship, use of natural and sustainable materials and the ties of the LIND family are among the founding values.

Sustainability and the use of natural resources are at the root of the LIND DNA design universe. This is why most LIND DNA designs are conceived in a unique recycled leather material made from 80% recycled leather and 20% natural rubber, resulting in a unique and durable material which is water resistant and very easy to maintain.

  1. Frog table mat

    Frog table mat

  2. Frog glass mat

    Frog glass mat

  3. Cloud table mat

    Cloud table mat

  4. Cloud glass mat

    Cloud glass mat

  5. Bear table mat

    Bear table mat

  6. Bear glass mat

    Bear glass mat

  7. Swing hanger accessories

    Swing hanger accessories

    From: £11.00
  8. Swing hanger

    Swing hanger

    From: £179.00
  9. Pencil coat stand

    Pencil coat stand

  10. Tray square

    Tray square

    From: £54.00
  11. Napkin holder

    Napkin holder

  12. Magazine holder

    Magazine holder

    From: £125.00
  13. Loop napkin holder set of 4

    Loop napkin holder set of 4

  14. Container


  15. Cobra coat stand

    Cobra coat stand

  16. Dot wall hook large

    Dot wall hook large

  17. Curve table mat

    Curve table mat

    From: £18.00
  18. Curve glass mat

    Curve glass mat

    From: £4.00