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Characterised by an ambitious and contemporary approach, the design of Nikari furniture is deeply rooted in the Nordic tradition. Restrained and serene, it respects the essence of wood. Nikari collaborates with international designers and the award winning collection is constantly evolving. The love for wood, contemporary design and high quality is creating interesting, new paths for a sustainable future of the company. Today the Nikari head office, studio and workshop are using solely next generation renewable energy from the hydro power plant located next to their building.

  1. November light desk

    November light desk

  2. December XL footstool

    December XL footstool

  3. Arte marfa stool/table

    Arte marfa stool/table

  4. July Stool

    July Stool

  5. Linea Sofa Front

    Linea Sofa

  6. January Bench

    January Bench

  7. August Stool

    August Stool

  8. October chair

    October chair

  9. April table

    April table

    From: £1,489.00
  10. February table

    February table

  11. December XL chair

    December XL chair

    From: £862.00