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Örsjö Belysning was founded in 1948 in Småland, the heartland of Sweden’s design industries. The experience and knowledge they have amassed in the intervening years has proved invaluable when it comes to creating their collection of classic designs with a contemporary edge. The ÖRSJÖ collection has been created by some of Scandinavia's leading designers including Claesson Koivisto Rune, Note Design Studio, Jonas Bohlin and Matti Klenell and includes both the classic PJ work light and the iconic Kvist. Quality, professionalism and function have always been the standards they live by. These designs aren't just stunning but environmentally sound too. In 2009 ÖRSJÖ became the first lighting company to be awarded the prestigious Nordic Swan eco-label, meeting Europe's most demanding ecological principles. With over 65 years experience providing unique lighting solutions for a host of different environments, ÖRSJÖ presents the market with an exciting and broad range of innovative products.

  1. Streck wall lamp

    Streck wall lamp

  2. Streck table lamp

    Streck table lamp

  3. Streck floor lamp

    Streck floor lamp

  4. Tratten mini wall lamp

    Tratten mini wall lamp

    From: £336.00
  5. Tratten wall lamp

    Tratten wall lamp

    From: £398.00
  6. Konkret pendant lamp

    Konkret pendant lamp

  7. Pin - wall lamp

    Pin - wall lamp

  8. Puck wall lamp

    Puck wall lamp

    From: £209.00
  9. Lean wall lamp

    Lean wall lamp

    From: £306.00
  10. Skyline wall lamp

    Skyline wall lamp

    From: £535.00
  11. Skyline floor lamp

    Skyline floor lamp

    From: £3,036.00
  12. Kvist floor lamp - Rough copper

    Kvist floor lamp - Rough copper

  13. Minipoint table lamp

    Minipoint table lamp

    From: £459.00
  14. Minipoint adjustable floor lamp

    Minipoint adjustable floor lamp

    From: £482.00
  15. Lean pendant lamp

    Lean pendant lamp

    From: £716.00
  16. PJ50 ceiling lamp

    PJ50 ceiling lamp

  17. Droplight pendant lamp

    Droplight pendant lamp

    From: £371.00
  18. Ginko pendant lamp

    Ginko pendant lamp

  19. Pebble pendant lamp

    Pebble pendant lamp

    From: £433.00
  20. Skyline pendant lamp

    Skyline pendant lamp

    From: £1,243.00
  21. Vinge lamp

    Vinge lamp

    From: £620.00
  22. Kvist pendant lamp

    Kvist pendant lamp

    From: £1,078.00
  23. Aria floor lamp

    Aria floor lamp

    From: £693.00
  24. Mushroom floor lamp

    Mushroom floor lamp

    From: £529.00
  25. Talk floor lamp

    Talk floor lamp

  26. Aria table lamp

    Aria table lamp

    From: £439.00
  27. Mushroom table lamp

    Mushroom table lamp

    From: £439.00
  28. Lean table lamp

    Lean table lamp

    From: £475.00
  29. Lean floor lamp

    Lean floor lamp

    From: £521.00