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Palet storage jar

By Holmegaard


  • Description

    Palet storage jars, which were originally designed by Michael Bang for Holmegaard in 1969 and ultimately became part of an extended glass series. With Palet, Holmegaard gave Danish glass art a splash of pop culture and the brightly coloured products are extremely popular among collectors. This autumn, new fans can also join the trend when Holmegaard relaunches the popular Palet jars in a range of sizes and colours.
    In contemporary interior design, storage containers are making a statement in almost every room in the house. Called covered dishes, bonbonnières or biscuit jars, these decorative and practical containers are indispensable for storing everyday items you want to keep within reach, but do not necessarily want to leave out in the open. With the Palet jars, Holmegaard offers an ideal solution. Flamboyant on the outside, pure white on the inside and with a stylish wooden lid, these decorative glass containers meet any storage need in the design-lover's home. Ideal in the kitchen, where everyday necessities like coffee, tea, salt, sugar, raisins and almonds become colourful design statements when stored in jars on the open shelves of the contemporary white kitchen. And perfect elsewhere in the home, where the multifunctional jars conveniently hide keys and jewellery, make beautiful centre pieces in decorative tableaux and serve as alternative flower pots for green plants, striking an interesting contrast to the Palet jar's retro lines. With the Palet series, it is easy to add a splash of bright colour to Nordic home interiors.

  • Technical Info

    Dimensions and colours:
    Orange jar, 0.35 L (H:11.5 x Ø:8 cm)
    Yellow jar, 0.5 L (H:11.5 x Ø:10 cm)
    Green jar, 0.7 L (H:14.5 x Ø:10 cm)
    Brown jar, 1.2 L (H:11.5 x Ø:15.5 cm)
    Blue jar, 2 L (H:16.7 x Ø:15.5 cm)

    The Palet storage jar comes in glass with an oakwood lid and is available in several colours and sizes.

    Made in Poland.

  • Designer
    Michael Bang

    Michael Bang (1942-2013) was the son of Jacob E. Bang, Holmegaard’s first designer. In the 1960s and 1970s, Michael Bang was a designer at the Odense Glass Factory, but moved with his family to Holmegaard in the 1980s when he joined the Holmegaard Glass Factory. Here he managed the design of the mouth-blown lamps in opal-white glass in which the glass factory specialised. Michael Bang was quick-witted, fascinating and fun and able to spellbind an audience when the glass factory organised talks and presentations. Many of his products have now become collector’s items. Holmegaard carries his vases and flower pot covers in the MB range (1981), the Mandarin lamp (1983) and the Mixed Double bonbonniere (2003). His Fontaine wine glass range from 1987 with the bubble in the cup of the glass is an example of some of Holmegaard’s most advanced craftsmanship and a current range in the market for exclusive wine service.

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