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  • PH 5 - 60th anniversary - New colours

PH 5 Pendant Lamp

By Louis Poulsen


  • Description

    Poul Henningsen developed the PH 5 in 1958 as a follow-up to his celebrated three-shade system, which launched in 1926 and put Louis Poulsen on the map as a leading manufacturer of innovative lighting. Henningsen’s goal: to make light softer and more flattering in an era when electric lighting was still new and marked by unwanted glare.

    Six decades after the lighting pioneer created his celebrated PH 5 pendant, the design remains Louis Poulsen’s bestseller.

    To celebrate the PH 5’s anniversary, Louis Poulsen has released the lamp in the same vibrant colour range as the recently launched PH 5 Mini: Classic, a new Modern White, and six bold colour combinations – Hues of Orange, Hues of Rose, Hues of Red, Hues of Green, Hues of Blue and Hues of Grey.

    PH 5 Mini

    The PH 5’s five-shade system infuses spaces with 100% glare-free, even illumination. A lightbulb produces the ideal combination of downward and lateral light to gently illuminate the surroundings and the fixture itself. Interior anti-glare rings and reflectors ensure a warm light tone that complements the daily rhythm of natural light.
    True to the multi-talented Henningsen’s signature balance of function and form – of technology and art, in other words – the PH 5 serves as a beautiful sculptural element both when it is on and off. Its impact is enhanced by the bold new colour options, and the top-to-bottom graduations from dark to light within each colour variant.

  • Technical Info

    Classic (white) or Modern White, Matt powder coated
    Hues of Blue, Hues of Green, Hues of Grey, Hues of Orange, Hues of Red, Hues of
    Rose, Matt wet painted

    Diameter 50cm, height 26.7cm

    Classic White: Classic white shades and purple struts
    Hues of Blue: Blue shades and bronze struts
    Hues of Green: Green shades and bronze struts
    Hues of Grey: Grey shades and bronze struts
    Hues of Orange: Orange shades and bronze struts
    Hues of Red: Red shades and bronze struts
    Hues of Rose: Rose shades and bronze struts
    Hues of New White: White shades and bronze struts

    Suspension type: White textile cable 2x1mm². Canopy: Yes. Cable length: 3m

    Light source (Not included)
    EU: Max 200W E27, US: Max 200W A23, JP: Max 150W E26

  • Designer
    Poul Henningsen

    The Danish left-wing writer, architect and designer Poul Henningsen (1894-1967) saw electric light as a way of enlightening the people by improving the home and work environment. After comprehensive studies into glare-free multi shade lamps, the electric appliances manufacturer Louis Poulsen enabled him to create the first PH lamp in 1926. The PH lamp was an instant success, sold and used all over the world including the Bauhaus Dessau building.

    After the outbreak of WW2 sales fell and by October 1943 Henningsen left German occupied Denmark for Stockholm together with Arne Jacobsen. On his return to Denmark in 1945 Henningsen continued to develop the multi shade lamp system and created many of his most beautiful designs, many still in production, including the highly popular PH5 from 1958. Henningsen left over 100 sketches of lamp designs behind after his death, some which have later been put into production by Louis Poulsen.

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    • Classic White/Purple
    • Hues of Blue
    • Hues of Green
    • Hues of Grey
    • Hues of Orange
    • Hues of Red
    • Hues of Rose
    • New White

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