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PP Møbler is Denmark’s most respected joinery and cabinet makers producing premium quality furniture and is one of the worlds most important and highly skilled workshops. The designer Hans J. Wegner developed many of his most successful chairs working within the company’s workshops and entrusted PP Møbler to produce most of his best known but difficult designs to produce. As Wegner said “The staff at PP Møbler consists of highly skilled craftsmen who work seriously with even the smallest of details. Nothing is left to chance"

  1. PP85 Cross Legged table

    PP85 Cross Legged table

    From: £4,055.00
  2. PP120 Stool

    PP120 Stool

    From: £1,830.00
  3. PP503 The chair

    PP503 The chair

    From: £3,770.00
  4. PP501 The chair

    PP501 The chair

    From: £4,565.00
  5. PP586 Fruit Bowl
  6. PP589 Bar bench

    PP589 Bar bench

    From: £2,780.00
  7. PP56 Chinese chair

    PP56 Chinese chair

    From: £3,210.00
  8. PP502 Swivel chair

    PP502 Swivel chair

    From: £9,910.00
  9. PP75 Dining table

    PP75 Dining table

    From: £4,475.00
  10. PP68 Chair

    PP68 Chair

    From: £810.00
  11. PP550 peacock chair

    PP550 peacock chair

    From: £6,320.00
  12. PP19 Papa Bear chair

    PP19 Papa Bear chair

    From: £14,685.00
  13. PP225 Flag Halyard chair
  14. PP130 Circle chair

    PP130 Circle chair

    From: £5,850.00
  15. PP512 folding chair

    PP512 folding chair

    From: £4,445.00