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Sarjaton plate 22cm

By iittala


  • Description

    Meaning 'no series' in Finnish, Sarjaton is a range that redefines the freedom of flexibility. The essential parts that can be used whenever for whatever play just as well together as by themselves. Touch the embossed plates, enjoy the soft, muted tones of the colour palette or make your own personal compositions. Shaped by tradition, tailored for today Sarjaton gives you the natural tools to create, as you like.

  • Technical Info

    Size: Diameter 22 cm
    Material: Vitro porcelain
    Color: White
    Dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe

  • Designer
    Aleksi Kuokka
    Aleksi Kuokka (former Perälä) was born in Parkano in 1978. Kuokka is one of the driving forces in the new generation of Finnish designers. He approaches design from the perspective of communication. Known as a versatile designer, glass is a familiar material for Kuokka. In his design, he leans on the strong legacy of the masters of Finnish design's golden age. Kuokka seeks the core of design where functionality meets a stripped-down form and attracts the users through its simplicity.

    Trained as an industrial designer, Kuokka works as an associate in Aivan Design Studio. In addition to Iittala, he has worked in cooperation with Finlayson, Nokia, Ramirent, SIS Deli, Tapiovaara and Woodnotes, among others. For Iittala, he has designed both the Sarjaton glass and the Ote glass.
    Harri Koskinen

    Harri Koskinen was born in Karstula, Finland, in 1970. His furniture and versatile design objects have aroused great international interest. Harri Koskinen strives to find solutions that are innovative for both the consumer and producer. He works with companies like Artek, Danese, Finlandia Vodka, Issey Miyake, iittala, Montina, Muji, Genelec, Oluce, Panasonic, Seiko, Skandium, Venini and Woodnotes. Koskinen is probably best known for his Block Lamp, a lightbulb held inside two shaped pieces of clear glass, which is exhibited at MoMA. Along the years, he has won several awards, the most significant of them the Compasso d'Oro Award in 2004.

    Lotta Olsson

    Swedish illustrator Lotta Olsson (b. 1982) is known for her unique interpretation of nature that translates into imaginative images of trees. Born in Ängelholm in Southern Sweden to a family with close connections to the forest, Lotta’s work has always had a strong relationship with nature. Since she was a child, she has been collecting herbariums that have later on expanded into a digital collection of not only plants and flowers, but visual memoires of moments and travels. Lotta Olsson’s trees and imaginative forests are not bound by rules, not even by the rules of nature, but by their visuality. “I am very fascinated by trees. One little leaf can be an art piece, and a naked tree in the winter is like a sculpture,” she says. “Nature is wild and free and, to me, it is about shapes and visual details, not systems or a scientific approach. When I create a tree, only my fantasy creates the borders.” Lotta Olsson graduated from the Stockholm University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Konstfack, with a major in graphic design and illustration. She has gained recognition in her work within Sweden and she has also exhibited her work internationally. She has her own product line and web shop selling posters and cards under the brand Lottas Träd (Lotta’s Tree).

    Musuta Ltd is a design studio founded by Jopsu Ramu (b. 1982) and Timo Ramu (b. 1979). It is well known for its work on the interface between the digital and the physical, and its interaction with design and art. Musuta works with many media, such as film and motion graphics, as well as creative design. The couple's work has a strong international dimension; they work half of the year in Finland and the other half in Japan.

    Musuta has been awarded the Golden Lion at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, bronze in D&Ad and bronze in the European Design Awards. Musuta's work has been exhibited at several exhibitions and festivals around the world, for example at the Pompidou Museum in Paris, the One_Dot_Zero exhibition in London and New York, as well as at the Design Film Festival in Singapore and Berlin.
    Samuji is a studio producing sustainable design in the historic district of Vallila, Helsinki.

    The design studio was founded in 2011 by Marimekko's previous creative director, Samu-Jussi Koski. It produces cross-artistic work combining various areas of design in addition to its own clothes collection. The Samuji collection is designed in Finland and it is manufactured as nearby as possible in Europe. The collection's timeless style has raised a lot of international interest and it has about 30 resellers in New York, London, Moscow and Tokyo, among others.

    In addition to the clothes collection, Samuji has carried out client work for Iittala, Artek and the City of Helsinki. Designer Hennamari Asunta from Samuji was involved in Iittala's Sarjaton project alongside Samu-Jussi Koski.
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