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Series 7™ chair

By Fritz Hansen


  • Description

    In 1955, Arne Jacobsen set a new standard for chair design when he created Series 7™ - a design fit for the future. For eternity, some would say. The most sold stackable chair in design history, it has become a style icon and is seen by many as one of the finest examples of timeless design. It has remained popular for six decades – a period of profound changes in technology, culture and lifestyle. Series 7™ has now reached its 60th anniversary and is still in perfect shape to continue its journey towards new generations with new demands and new standards for design.

  • Technical Info

    W:50 x D:52 x H:82cm (Seat height: 46cm)

    All chairs are made of laminated moulded sliced veneer with a chrome base.
    The base is 14 mm chrome steel tubes with 4 legs with leg ferrules of black-grey synthetic material.
    Also available with front upholstery or fully upholstered with fabric, leather or welted leather.

    New colours:
    Trieste: Named after the port city in north-eastern Italy, Trieste is the impossible blue that has been used by so many artists over the decades, especially the impressionists. Trieste lies somewhere between violet and blue, strong forces pulling it in both directions.
    Opium red: For Tal R, Opium Red sparks associations to Shanghai of the 1930s. With its decadent expression, Opium Red symbolizes the mystique of the Far East.
    Ai Blue: Ai, Japanese for indigo, is a deep shade of blue drawn towards black. At first glance, the colour appears a dark, rich blue, but after some time it darkens further and takes on an amazing sense of depth.
    Evren Purple: Evren Purple is named after Tal R's wife. When he looks at her, he sees the colour purple. To him, she is the essence of that colour, embracing it in every way – attractive and passionate, like the colour itself.
    Hüzün Green: Hüzün is Turkish for wistful, a word that captures the dreamy mood of the colour with its bittersweet touch of nostalgia and yearning. The unique quality of this green is its faded character.
    Chocolate milk brown: Chocolate Milk Brown is an indulgent brown with a touch of creamy white. This colour is drawn between brown and rose and is like a warm embrace with an appeal that enchants the eye.
    Altstadt rose: Altstadt Rose is one of Tal R's signature colours, as he always includes a rose in everything he creates. The rose expresses impermanence and fiery beauty.
    Chevalier orange: Chevalier is an oriental orange. With its air of aristocracy and fine riding horses, Tal R describes it as the most exclusive colour on the new scale.
    Egyptian yellow: Egyptian Yellow is a rich and saturated colour that sparks associations to ancient Egypt. The colour has a touch of lead which gives it a highly characteristic and distinctive tone.
    Nine grey: Nine grey is a new grey shade obtained by mixing the nine colours defined by Tal R. Thus this grey shade does not simply imply a blend of light and darkness. Rather, it resembles all nine of Tal R's colour interpretations.

  • Designer
    Arne Jacobsen

    Trained as an architect in Copenhagen, Jacobsen took up the profession already in the 1920s. His most famous buildings include Arhus Town Hall in Denmark, the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen and St Catherine's College in Oxford England. His experiments into plywood resulted in the Ant chair in 1952 and the 3107 in 1955 (also known as the Seven chair), both manufactured by Fritz Hansen.

    The work on the SAS Royal Hotel resulted in some of his most outstanding designs, including the Egg and Swan chairs, a stainless steel cutlery set now made by silver manufacturer Georg Jensen and a series of lamps, manufactured by Louis Poulsen. In 1967 he designed a series of stainless steel tableware for Stelton. A perfectionist and a master of detail, Jacobsen worked right up to his death in 1971. In central London, his Royal Danish Embassy on Sloane Street was completed only in 1977.

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    • Ai Blue 880
    • Ai blue 885
    • Altstadt rose 620
    • Altstadt rose 625
    • Ash
    • Beech
    • Black 190
    • Black 195
    • Cherry
    • Chevalier orange 520
    • Chevalier orange 525
    • Chocolate milk brown 360
    • Chocolate milk brown 365
    • Dark grey 160
    • Dark grey 165
    • Dark stained oak
    • Egyptian yellow 450
    • Egyptian yellow 455
    • Elm
    • Evren purple 590
    • Evren purple 595
    • Hüzün green 940
    • Hüzün green 945
    • Light grey 120
    • Light grey 125
    • Maple
    • Nine grey 150
    • Nine grey 155
    • Oak
    • Opium red 660
    • Opium red 665
    • Orange 540
    • Orange 545
    • Oregon pine
    • Petrol blue 760
    • Petrol blue 765
    • Red 650
    • Red 655
    • Sage green 930
    • Sage green 935
    • Trieste blue 840
    • Trieste blue 845
    • Walnut
    • White 100
    • White 105
    • Yellow 420
    • Yellow 425

  • Delivery

    7-8 weeks
    Made to order item

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