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Leather Cushion for the CH24 chair

By Carl Hansen


  • Description

    Turnable leather cushion for the CH24 chair. This cushion is shaped to fit around the legs and so holds in place without fixings to make it easy to add or take away as necessary.

  • Technical Info

    Dimensions: 49cm x 39cm

    It is turnable and is made of the lovely Loke leather and comes the following colours: White 7160, Red 7170, Golden brown 7050, Black 7150, Dark red 7100, Dark brown 7270, Brown 7748.

    Sørensen Leather

    For instructions and information about care and maintenance of Carl Hansen's different materials, please click here.

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    • (Loke leather) Black 7150
    • (Loke leather) Brown 7748
    • (Loke leather) Dark Brown 7270
    • (Loke leather) Dark Red 7100
    • (Loke leather) Golden Brown 7050
    • (Loke leather) Red 7170
    • (Loke leather) White 7160

  • Delivery

    2-4 weeks
    Made to order item

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