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Skandinavisk is 2 English chaps who fell in love with 2 blonde Scandinavian girls and never left. The home fragrance collection is inspired by 15 years of travels and experiences across the Nordic region.

They design subtle, sophisticated scents and blend them with native symbols and a single local word rich with meaning to create unique impressions of Scandinavia.

  1. Önska Cristmas Mini Gift Set - Sno, Jul, Trae (Wish)
  2. TRÆ scented candle 2018 (Tree) small
  3. Snö scented candle 2018 (Snow) small
  4. Jul scented candle 2018 (Christmas) small
  5. TRÆ scented candle 2018 (Tree)
  6. Snö scented candle 2018 (Snow)
  7. Jul scented candle 2018 (Christmas)
  8. ROSENHAVE (Rose Garden) Perfume Oil
  9. LYSNING (Forest glade) Perfume Oil
  10. HEIA (Heathland) Perfume Oil
  11. Hav Scent Diffuser Refill (sea)
  12. Hygge Scent Diffuser Refill
  13. Koto Scent Diffuser Refill (cosy)
  14. Ro Scent Diffuser Refill (tranquility)
  15. Hav Scent Diffuser (sea)
  16. Lempi Scent Diffuser Refill
  17. Fjord Scent Diffuser
  18. Fjord Scent Diffuser Refill
  19. Fjord Hand Lotion
  20. Fjord Hand Wash
  21. Bær Scent Diffuser (berry)
  22. RO Hand Wash (tranquility)
  23. RO Hand Lotion (tranquility)
  24. ØY Hand Wash (island)
  25. ØY Hand Lotion (island)
  26. Lempi Hand Wash (love)
  27. Lempi Hand Lotion (love)
  28. Bål Scented Candle (Dawn embers)
  29. Hygge Scented Candle
  30. Escape collection - Rosenhave Scented Candle (Rose garden)
  31. Escape collection - Lysning Scented Candle (Forest glade)
  32. Escape collection - Heia Scented Candle (Heathland)
  33. Bær Scented Candle (Berry)
  34. Koto scented candle (Home)
  35. Lempi scented candle (Love)
  36. Nordlys scented candle
  37. Skog Scent Diffuser (Forest)
  38. ØY Scent Diffuser (Island)
  39. Lempi Scent Diffuser (Love)
  40. Hygge Scent Diffuser (Cosiness)
  41. Lempi mini scented candle (Love)
  42. Koto mini scented candle (Home)
  43. ØY mini scented candle (Island)
  44. Fjord mini scented candle
  45. Ro mini scented candle (Tranquility)
  46. Hygge mini scented candle (Cosiness)
  47. Skog mini scented candle (Forest)
  48. Hav mini scented candle (Sea)
  49. Fjord Scented Candle
  50. Koto Scent Diffuser (home)
  51. Ro Scent Diffuser (tranquility)
  52. ØY Scented Candle (Island)
  53. Snö scented candle (Snow)
  54. Hav scented candle (Sea)
  55. Ro scented candle (Tranquility)