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SKY Fireplace

By Le Feu


  • Description

    The appeal and beauty of SKY is experienced through its modern clean lines. A stunning fireplace engineered to hang suspended from a ceiling to bring elegance, warmth and beauty to your home and living areas.

    LE FEU fireplaces work using a fuel named Denatured Ethanol which makes them clean and eco-friendly. All models are easy to install and come ready to use, no requirement for a chimney or flue is necessary. As the fireplace burns and the natural flame turns to a yellow-orange, the main dome of the fireplace heats, radiating warmth throughout the room. The burner chamber holds 1.5 litres and can be adjusted for comfort.

    The stylish simplicity of the design creates a stunning ambience and attractive feature point enhancing any home. LE FEU fireplaces are a modern, clean and simple solution for functional attractive heating and caring for the environment.
    2 year warranty
    TUFT certificates of EU standards
    Made in Denmark

  • Technical Info

    Dimension Overall:
    Total weight: 20.7 kg. (Dome, Burner and Ceiling Suspension Kit).

    Dome heating chamber
    The heating dome is made of 2 mm DC04 cold rolled iron plate with a 200 diameter x 5 mm stainless decaperet iron plate as reinforcement of the suspension.

    Dome Finish
    Smooth Powder-coated Ø 50 x 35 cm creates an exemplary satin finish. Recesses in the dome are made of 3 mm R/S 304 plate with 1 mm R/S 304 outer sheath, tires and the outer cover, deck and baffle insert is made in either 1.5 mm R/S 304 plate or 1.5 dc02 cold rolled plate painted with black powder-coated.

    Combustion Burner

    The internal burner is filled with 0.5 mm 3 x 6 galvanised expanded metal (net). Weight 6 kg. Creates up to 3 KW of heat output. 1.5 litre capacity burns up to 6 hours Ceiling Height Adjustable Hanging System.

    Ceiling mount consists of 3 parts:

    1. A top brackets for fastening of diameter 120 x 5 decaperet iron plate with M 16 threaded and Ø 1cm R/S 304 tubular steel with diameter 5 hole for the safety split.

    2. Cover plate made of 2 mm dc02 iron plate with Ø 32 tubes, ferrous, with M 16 x 2 inside threaded

    3. Mounting pipes Ø 26.9 x 2 R/S 304 sanded tubes and M 16 inside rewind and an inside gathers Ø 3 ø 1 x 1,2 with 0.5cm x 50 security split.

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  • Delivery

    2-4 weeks
    Made to order item

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