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Swedese is a classic Swedish furniture producer with a strong anchor in both the public and domestic domain. Swedese's ideals are the same today as they have been for the past sixty years. These are to create beautiful furniture for the future, which build on the foundations of Scandinavian modern traditions, designed by forward-looking designers who share in the timeless ideals of architecture.

Swedese was founded in 1945 by the two brothers our Yngve and Jerker Ekström and Sven Bertil Sjöqvist, with Yngve leading the company until his death. The most well known design of Yngve Ekström's extensive portfolio is the Lamino armchair from 1956, which is still manufactured and sold all over the world.

  1. Lamino easy chair with Gotland sheepskin

    Lamino easy chair with Gotland sheepskin

    From: £2,389.00
  2. Caryngo armchair

    Caryngo armchair

  3. Libri standing table

    Libri standing table

  4. Libri desk

    Libri desk

  5. Thema chair

    Thema chair

    From: £710.00
  6. Lamini children armchair

    Lamini children armchair

    From: £1,518.00
  7. Coffee Bean side table

    Coffee Bean side table

  8. Pond side table

    Pond side table

    From: £1,444.00
  9. Button sofa

    Button sofa

    From: £3,942.00
  10. Desirée round table

    Desirée round table

    From: £485.00
  11. Desirée chair

    Desirée chair

  12. Libri shelf short

    Libri shelf short

    From: £439.00
  13. Fakta bookshelf

    Fakta bookshelf

    From: £251.00
  14. Log storage table

    Log storage table

  15. Log stool

    Log stool

  16. Baffi broom

    Baffi broom

  17. Drum table

    Drum table

    From: £420.00
  18. Primo stool

    Primo stool

    From: £496.00
  19. Primo easy chair

    Primo easy chair

    From: £1,169.00
  20. Breeze table copper

    Breeze table copper

    From: £809.00
  21. Teatime trolley

    Teatime trolley

  22. Boxplay sofa

    Boxplay sofa

    From: £2,045.00
  23. Breeze table

    Breeze table

    From: £545.00
  24. Divido table

    Divido table

    From: £1,319.00
  25. Spin stool

    Spin stool

    From: £384.00
  26. Libri shelf

    Libri shelf

  27. Heaven step ladder

    Heaven step ladder

  28. Mira mirror

    Mira mirror

    From: £637.00
  29. Log bench

    Log bench

    From: £940.00
  30. Tree wall coat stand

    Tree wall coat stand

    From: £412.00
  31. Tree coat stand

    Tree coat stand

    From: £575.00
  32. Lamino easy chair

    Lamino easy chair

    From: £1,728.00
  33. Brasilia table

    Brasilia table

    From: £2,567.00
  34. Flower table

    Flower table

    From: £671.00
  35. Lamino side table

    Lamino side table

    From: £289.00
  36. Accent sofa

    Accent sofa

    From: £4,331.00
  37. Happy bar stool

    Happy bar stool

    From: £610.00
  38. Lamino footstool

    Lamino footstool

    From: £605.00