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The Organic Company is a Danish design company which creates meaningful and tasteful home accessories from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton

Honesty, transparency and an ambitious wish to make a difference is the rock solid foundation for Danish The Organic Company founded by entrepreneur Joy Vasiljev in 2007. Since then, the company has developed a versatile collection of organic textile products for the home, which today includes textiles for the bath, kitchen and children but also blankets and bags. The design philosophy is based on simple Scandinavian aesthetics focusing on function and quality. Often, the products are characterised by unique sizes, choice of material and a flexible functionality. The products are designed in cooperation between The Organic Company and various Danish textile designers.

All items from the Organic Company are made of organic cotton, and since 2010 all produts are certified with the international organic label GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). This standard guarantees the consumer not only that all fabrics are organic but also that a series of international workers rights are met and that no toxic, cancer-causing or polluting chemicals are used in the production. The center of the GOTS certification is the comprehensive controls made by an independent certifier, who monitors and tests every part of the production chain – from the organic cotton farmer to the spinning mill and dye works to the importer.

In short: The Organic Company. Copenhagen based. Design, quality and respect for people and nature are our foundation and our values.

  1. Big waffle towle and blanket

    Big waffle towle and blanket

  2. Wellness towel

    Wellness towel

  3. Hand hair towel

    Hand hair towel

  4. Little towel

    Little towel

  5. All purpose bag

    All purpose bag

    From: £4.00
  6. Big Waffle hand towel

    Big Waffle hand towel

  7. Long apron

    Long apron

  8. Everyday hand towel

    Everyday hand towel

  9. Bath towel to wrap around you

    Bath towel to wrap around you

  10. Towel to wrap around you

    Towel to wrap around you

  11. Oven gloves

    Oven gloves

  12. Long bib

    Long bib

  13. Kitchen towel

    Kitchen towel

  14. Kitchen and wash cloth

    Kitchen and wash cloth

  15. Hand hair towel

    Hand hair towel

  16. Giant kitchen towel

    Giant kitchen towel

  17.  Big Waffle towel and blanket

    Big Waffle towel and blanket

  18. Big Waffle medium towel

    Big Waffle medium towel

  19. Big Waffle Kitchen and wash cloth

    Big Waffle Kitchen and wash cloth

    From: £8.00