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Tools sauteuse

By iittala


  • Description

    Tools is a range of highly designed cookware created for people with a large appetite for life. Developed with the insight of professional chefs and material know-how, Tools offer a broad range of objects to add ease and control to all areas of cooking and serving. Perfect for even the most demanding occasion. Designed in 1998.

    The main feature of the Tools range - apart from its good looking design - is the sandwich technique which allows aluminium to be totally encased in stainless steel. While the aluminium gives excellent heat distribution all up to the rim, the stainless steel gives protection from the neurotoxic (poisonous to brain cells) properties of aluminium, while also being more hard wearing. Regular pots made from only steel is safe, but hasn't got the heat distribution of aluminium. Tools is the solution.

  • Technical Info

    Iittala steel cookware is made of 18/ 10 stainless steel, that is 18 % chromium and 10 % nickel. Chromium protects the steel against corrosion. The addition of nickel to the alloy increases its corrosion resistance while adding a bright polished appearance, hardness, and exceptional resistance to all temperatures.

    Iittala steel dishes are easy to take care of, dishwasher safe, and look good for a long time. Before using a new dish for the first time, wash it in mild detergent and remove all stickers and labels.

    To remove stuck or burned food from your steel pan, follow these instruction: mix 1 cup of washing powder and two pints of water into your pan and cook for 30 minutes. Then scrub, soak, and dry. You can also use liquids that are especially made for steel cookware. For lime scale stains, pour ½ cup of vinegar and 2 pints of water into the pan and cook for 30 minutes. Another tip is to scrub the stains with a lemon half or with a special steel scouring liquid

  • Designer
    Björn Dahlström

    A man of many talents, the Swede Björn Dahlström (born 1957) has a background in advertising and graphics but has designed as far apart products as a pneumatic drill for Atlas Copco, furniture for Cbi and Zoltan Milano, electrical appliances for Krupps, textiles for Marimekko, toys for Playsam and the now classic Tools kitchenware series for Hackman and iittala. Amongst his other designs are a futuristic tent and a stylish bicycle for Skeppshult.

    The use of contrasting colours, curved shapes, large scales and unusual materials always make the Dahlström designs humorous while both functional and pleasing to the eye. His work is represented both at the National Museum in Stockholm and at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

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    4-6 weeks

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