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By Vitra


  • Description

    Alongside Charles and Ray Eames as well as George Nelson, Alexander Girard was one of the decisive figures in post-War American design. The focus of his broad oeuvre was on textile design, and a key source of inspiration for him was his passion for the popular art of South America, Asia and East Europe. The Wooden Dolls, which Girard created in 1963 for his own home in Santa Fe and made himself, are likewise inspired by his own extensive collection of works of popular art. Half decorative element, half toy, the Wooden Dolls were originally intended only for personal use. Based on originals found in the Girard Estate held by the Vitra Design Museum, the partly joyful, partly grim-looking company of dolls is now available as a charming enhancement to any interior.

  • Technical Info

    Made in 22 varieties.
    Materials: solid pinewood, hand painted.
    Delivered with a brochure in a high-quality printed wooden box.

    No.1: W:5 x D:3.5 x H:27.5cm
    No.2: W:8 x D:4.5 x H:18.5cm
    No.3: W:8 x D:4.5 x H:14.5cm
    No.4: W:8 x D:4.5 x H:27cm
    No.5: W:5 x D:3.5 x H:27cm
    No.6: W:7 x D:4.5 x H:17.5cm
    No.7: W:4.5 x D:3.5 x H:30.5cm
    No.8: W:7 x D:4 x H:21cm
    No.9: W:6 x D:4.5 x H:20.5cm
    No.10: W:7.5 x D:4.5 x H:16cm
    No.11: W:7.5 x D:4.5 x H:20cm
    No.12: W:8 × D:4.5 × H:18cm
    No.13: W:7 × D:4.5 × H:17.5cm
    No.14: W:5 x D:4.5 x H:26cm
    No.15: W:7 × D:4.5 × H:15cm
    No.16: W:4 x D:3.5 x H:25cm
    No.17: W:7.8 × D:4.6 x H:14.4cm
    No.18: W:7.2 × D:4.7 x H:15.3cm
    No.19: W:7.7 × 4.7 x H:15.4cm
    No.20: W:4.9 × 4.3 x H:23.4cm
    No.21: W:7.6 × D:4.8 x H:18.2cm
    No.22: W:4.5 × 3.4 x H:23.6cm

  • Designer
    Alexander Girard

    Alexander Girard, born in 1907 in New York City, was one of the decisive figures of post-war American design alongside his close friends George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames.

    The focus of his broad oeuvre was on textile design: As head of the Herman Miller Company's textile division, Girard designed a multitude of textiles. He favoured abstract and geometric forms, typically put together in bright constellations of colours.

    His upholstery fabrics remain as timely and vital as ever with many of them still being sold today. Having originally studied architecture, Girard made a name for himself over his long career in the fields of furniture, exhibition and interior design as well as in the graphic arts.

    On his extended travels, he avidly collected textiles from all over the world, which furnished him with a source of inspiration and ideas. In 1993, the final year of his life, he bequeathed these holdings to the Vitra Design Museum Collection along with the contents of his studio; hundreds of drawings, prototypes and textile samples.

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