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Woodnotes is a Finnish design company founded by Ritva and Mikko Puotila in 1987. The original idea behind Woodnotes products is to combine artistic creativity inspired by the rigours of Finnish nature with the basic Finnish raw materials, wood and paper.

Woodnotes offers an aesthetic total concept which can be applied to various functions and interiors. The company produces a large range of spun paper yarn carpets and a wide range of other spun paper yarn products such as blinds and panels, table textiles, bags and home accessories, pieces of furniture and upholstery fabrics and a studio collection of handmade articles. The products are made in Finland respecting ecological and ethic values.

Woodnotes products are known for their pure design and high quality all over the world. Woodnotes products have been awarded several international recognitions and its products are sold through the world’s leading interior and design shops and showrooms.

  1. Siro + barstool

    Siro + barstool

    From: £695.00
  2. San Francisco rug, dark blue/nutria, with fringes

    San Francisco rug, dark blue/nutria, with fringes

    From: £665.00
  3. San Francisco rug, reddish brown/stone, with fringes

    San Francisco rug, reddish brown/stone, with fringes

    From: £665.00
  4. San Francisco rug, nutria/stone with fringes

    San Francisco rug, nutria/stone with fringes

    From: £665.00
  5. San Francisco rug, light grey/stone with fringes

    San Francisco rug, light grey/stone with fringes

    From: £665.00
  6. San Francisco rug, stone/white with fringes

    San Francisco rug, stone/white with fringes

    From: £532.00
  7. Table runner

    Table runner

    From: £35.00
  8. Fourways rug, Turquoise-Graphite

    Fourways rug, Turquoise-Graphite

    From: £604.00
  9. Fourways rug,Turquoise-Dark blue

    Fourways rug,Turquoise-Dark blue

    From: £604.00
  10. Fourways rug, Plum-Graphite

    Fourways rug, Plum-Graphite

    From: £604.00
  11. Fourways rug, Onyx-Black

    Fourways rug, Onyx-Black

    From: £604.00
  12. Fourways rug, Brass-Nutria

    Fourways rug, Brass-Nutria

    From: £604.00
  13. Fourways rug, Graphite-Stone

    Fourways rug, Graphite-Stone

    From: £604.00
  14. Fourways rug, Antique-White

    Fourways rug, Antique-White

    From: £604.00
  15. Fourways rug, Light grey-White

    Fourways rug, Light grey-White

    From: £604.00
  16. Siro+ chair

    Siro+ chair

  17. Placemats set

    Placemats set

  18. Rest cushion, Brass

    Rest cushion, Brass

  19. Rest cushion, Stone-White

    Rest cushion, Stone-White

  20. Rest cushion, White

    Rest cushion, White

  21. Box Zone container

    Box Zone container

    From: £28.00
  22. Beach rug, nutria/black

    Beach rug, nutria/black

    From: £604.00
  23. Beach rug, light grey/graphite

    Beach rug, light grey/graphite

    From: £604.00
  24. Beach rug, stone/white

    Beach rug, stone/white

    From: £604.00
  25. Beach rug, white/brass

    Beach rug, white/brass

    From: £604.00
  26. Avenue rug, light grey/graphite

    Avenue rug, light grey/graphite

    From: £604.00
  27. Avenue rug, stone/light grey

    Avenue rug, stone/light grey

    From: £604.00
  28. Avenue rug, nutria/light grey

    Avenue rug, nutria/light grey

    From: £604.00
  29. Avenue rug, stone/yellow

    Avenue rug, stone/yellow

    From: £604.00
  30. Avenue rug, light grey/grey purple

    Avenue rug, light grey/grey purple

    From: £604.00
  31. Avenue rug, grey/light grey

    Avenue rug, grey/light grey

    From: £604.00
  32. Bridge rug, graphite/light grey

    Bridge rug, graphite/light grey

    From: £604.00
  33. Bridge rug, nutria/natural

    Bridge rug, nutria/natural

    From: £604.00
  34. Bridge rug, light grey/brass

    Bridge rug, light grey/brass

    From: £604.00
  35. Bridge rug, stone/light grey

    Bridge rug, stone/light grey

    From: £604.00
  36. Bridge rug, grey/stone

    Bridge rug, grey/stone

    From: £604.00
  37. Open Sky silver/white

    Open Sky silver/white

    From: £251.00
  38. Open Sky silver/stone

    Open Sky silver/stone

    From: £251.00
  39. Open Sky white

    Open Sky white

    From: £251.00
  40. Open Sky white/natural

    Open Sky white/natural

    From: £251.00
  41. Open Sky white/stone

    Open Sky white/stone

    From: £251.00
  42. Morning white/stone

    Morning white/stone

    From: £251.00
  43. Morning white/natural

    Morning white/natural

    From: £251.00
  44. Morning silver/stone

    Morning silver/stone

    From: £251.00
  45. Morning black/stone

    Morning black/stone

    From: £251.00
  46. Morning black

    Morning black

    From: £251.00
  47. Morning black/natural

    Morning black/natural

    From: £251.00
  48. Morning silver/white

    Morning silver/white

    From: £251.00
  49. Morning white

    Morning white

    From: £251.00
  50. K chair

    K chair

  51. Panorama rug, black/antique

    Panorama rug, black/antique

    From: £604.00
  52. Panorama rug, black/light grey

    Panorama rug, black/light grey

    From: £604.00
  53. Panorama rug, black/natural

    Panorama rug, black/natural

    From: £604.00
  54. Panorama rug, stone/white

    Panorama rug, stone/white

    From: £604.00
  55. Horizon rug, white/stone

    Horizon rug, white/stone

    From: £604.00
  56. Horizon rug, grey/natural

    Horizon rug, grey/natural

    From: £604.00
  57. Horizon rug, stone/yellow

    Horizon rug, stone/yellow

    From: £604.00
  58. Horizon rug, black/reddish brown

    Horizon rug, black/reddish brown

    From: £604.00
  59. New York rug, stone/white

    New York rug, stone/white

    From: £604.00
  60. New York rug, natural/black

    New York rug, natural/black

    From: £604.00
  61. New York rug, natural/white

    New York rug, natural/white

    From: £604.00
  62. New York rug, dark blue/natural

    New York rug, dark blue/natural

    From: £604.00
  63. New York rug, black/antique

    New York rug, black/antique

    From: £604.00
  64. Railway rug, natural/black

    Railway rug, natural/black

    From: £604.00
  65. New York rug, black/natural

    New York rug, black/natural

    From: £604.00
  66. New York rug, black/stone

    New York rug, black/stone

    From: £604.00
  67. Summer Rain rug, stone/white

    Summer Rain rug, stone/white

    From: £604.00
  68. City rug, black/natural

    City rug, black/natural

    From: £604.00
  69. Railway rug, stone/white

    Railway rug, stone/white

    From: £604.00
  70. Railway rug, onyx/stone

    Railway rug, onyx/stone

    From: £604.00
  71. Railway rug, dark blue/natural

    Railway rug, dark blue/natural

    From: £604.00
  72. Railway rug, stone/black

    Railway rug, stone/black

    From: £604.00
  73. Railway rug, natural/white

    Railway rug, natural/white

    From: £604.00
  74. Railway rug, natural/brown

    Railway rug, natural/brown

    From: £604.00
  75. Railway rug, black/natural

    Railway rug, black/natural

    From: £604.00
  76. City rug, stone/black

    City rug, stone/black

    From: £604.00
  77. City rug, natural/black

    City rug, natural/black

    From: £604.00
  78. Line rug, stone/black

    Line rug, stone/black

    From: £604.00
  79. Line rug, natural/black

    Line rug, natural/black

    From: £604.00
  80. Line rug, natural/white

    Line rug, natural/white

    From: £604.00
  81. Line rug, natural/brown

    Line rug, natural/brown

    From: £604.00
  82. Line rug, reddish brown/natural

    Line rug, reddish brown/natural

    From: £604.00
  83. Line rug, black/natural

    Line rug, black/natural

    From: £604.00
  84. Line rug, dark blue/natural

    Line rug, dark blue/natural

    From: £604.00
  85. City rug, stone/white

    City rug, stone/white

    From: £604.00
  86. Line rug, stone/white

    Line rug, stone/white

    From: £604.00