A Dark Danish Dinner for London Craft Week

Taking over the window of our Marylebone store, Berlin-based Danish designer Christine Roland installs a Dark Danish Dinner, forming a part of her ongoing project ‘Can cats talk to dogs in their own way?’, a collection of handmade stoneware and porcelain ceramics.

Layers of hand built plates, bowls, platters and candle holders in varying glazes and textures will form a dramatic table landscape which references a Nordic Iron Age aesthetic rather than the clean minimalist style associated with contemporary Danish design. Taking its form as an elaborately set dining table against a rich botanical landscape created by long-term collaborator Mary Lennox flowers, ‘A Dark Danish Dinner’ will be on display 3rd-7th May.


Throughout the installation, the handcrafted stoneware in Black Silver glaze and Black Matte glaze (vases only) created by Roland will be available to purchase throughout London Craft Week, priced from £60 and available in small quantities. This marks the first of three high-profile events for Christine Roland as part of the Nordic Cultural Festival 2017, taking place in London, Berlin, and Aarhus.

Available limited-edition pieces: Dinner plate £110 (8x), lunch plate £60 (8x), dessert petal bowl £80 (8x), large vase £200 (2x), medium vase £140 (2x), candle holder (m) £100 (2-3x), candle holder (s) £90 (4x), salt bowl with foot £80 (4x).

Call or email our Marylebone store to enquire.

T +44 (0)20 7935 2077 | E marylebone@skandium.com