Biophilic Design: Let nature heal your home

Human life is inherently inseparable from the natural world. While we have learned to construct complex dwellings to protect us from the elements, the inevitable truth is that we cannot survive without nature. This idea can be seen everywhere from the Egyptians’ animal-headed kings to Ricocco’s dancing vines up to Dali’s melting clocks. Therein, it is no surprise that biomorphic design (the creation of items and spaces reminiscent of organic or biological shapes and themes) is now hugely influential in the world of interior design. 

This trend is propelled by biophilia (love of nature) a term burgeoned by Harvard University’s father of sociobiology, E.O. Wilson. Biophilic design, in its own right, reconciles our innate need to connect with the living environment and beings around us by inspiring man-made interiors and architecture alike to be planned in a way that is fluid and engaging, just like the beautiful planet we call Home.

The Nordics are no strangers to these concepts. Their culture is embedded with the mythology that speaks of harnessing the power of thunder, stones, herbs, and trees by the colossal Norse gods Thor, Loki, and Odin. While Nordic culture has changed a lot since the beginning of time, the inclusion of natural elements in their designs has not. This is why the fundamentals of Scandinavian design include functionality, durability, minimalism, innovation, and resourcefulness. These are all key components of our natural environment and how it continues to evolve around us.

So, with centuries of craftsmanship behind them, what do the Scandinavian concepts of biomorphic and biophilic design look like in today’s modern home? Let’s have a look at how some of the best examples from Skandium’s top designers can turn your home into a peaceful valley.


Nature provokes the senses. A strong design can start slowly with something small but mighty, like a scent diffuser. Picture this: You set out a Fjord Scent Diffuser by Skandinavisk which offers 3 months of beautiful notes that recall breathtaking cruises through the famous Nordic waters. Add in some relaxing tunes floating softly from Vifa’s sleek and compact yet powerful Oslo Bluetooth Loudspeaker to set the mood. You’ll love the soft wooly feel of the Kili Throw by Lapuan Kankurit which will also tickle your sense of humour with its charming sheep motif. Take some time to observe the world around you go by, watching as the warm sunlight strolls across the sky, and enjoy how its rays are magnified as they reflect off of your hanging Skandium Lumi Mirror. When daylight starts to fade you might switch on a copper finished Stelton Oil Lamp and watch the flickering flame instead. As the day comes to an end, enjoy some warm tea with friends served from your earthy-feeling terracotta Edge Teapot and matching Cup by Skagerak.


With the senses engages, the mind deserves attention. Aiming to incorporate pieces that look like nature or that depict natural elements is vital in biophilic design. Lapuan Kankurit creates a range of items that prove this can be as obvious as placing a Koira Towel in the kitchen, displaying its colourful array of animal and plant imagery, or as subtle as wrapping up in the beige, geometric print Himmeli Blanket which is an abstract ode to giraffe print. Using the Erik Jørgensen granite-topped EJ 63/64/65/66 G Coffee Table adds a cool, textured reminder or our planet’s great resources. Light fixtures are another way to recall the great outdoors, like with a whimsical mushroom-shaped Snoopy Table Lamp by Flos, or a sweet, honey-colored Hive Pendant Lamp by Verpan. But, again, more can be left to the imagination by lighting some candles atop Georg Jensen’s 3-piece Cobra Candleholder Set that evokes the serpentine movements of smoke or flowing water. For a piece that evokes not only nature but geography as well, look no further than the Platner Gold Plated Dining Table from Knoll which captures the spirit of a majestic old tree, but also of the stunning Singapore Supertrees in their famous Garden by the Bay.


And after millennia of trying to harness its resources, we are still humbled by nature’s surprises every day. Yet, the fact of the matter is that humans thrive on these mysteries. This is why biophilic design welcomes unique pieces like Erik Jørgensen’s hyper-modern EJ 123 Toward Sofa with its cloud-like shape that challenges the classic balance of a couch. Even further outside of the box is Knoll’s incredible Bertoia Asymmetric Chaise which will make you believe you’ve turned into Alice in Wonderland, lounging on a flower petal. Or perhaps if a bit of solitude with a good book is more intriguing to you, the Eero Aarnio Originals Bubble Chair has acoustics as calming as diving underwater. If that doesn’t keep you engaged, flick on the lights, to illuminate the alluring Zeppelin Pendant Lamp by Flos which seems to whisper the forgotten secrets of a victorian mansion. 

In this modern world full of blinking and beeping technology where we spend endless hours in front of backlit screens, our homes should be calm havens of soothing respite for our frantic souls. Biophilic and biomorphic designs offer than an instant wave of happiness by igniting our imaginations and invigorating our joy de Vivre. Scandinavian style is the answer to humankind’s yearning to be intertwined with nature from the comfort of our own homes. Browse our collections now to see how you can invigorate your space with Skandium’s functional and fashionable designs!