How to dress your office

New rereleases: PK52 Professor desk & PK52A Student desk by Carl Hansen & Søn

Debuted originally in 1955, Danish brand Carl Hansen & Søn have reissued a set of tables designed by the acclaimed designer, Poul Kjærholm. Coming in either a PK52 Professor or the slightly smaller PK52A Student version, the desks were designed for the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where Kjærholm was a lecturer. "The designs, which have a clean, light expression, helped establish the talented furniture designer, who went on to become a pioneer of Danish functionalism." said Carl Hansen & Søn.

PK52 Professor or the slightly smaller PK52A Student version

A master in working with stainless steel, aluminium and wood, evident in the desks, Kjærholm’s work was influenced by the modernist work of Le Corbusier and Breuer. The elegant work he created in celebrated worldwide with pieces included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, with Danish companies such as Carl Hansen & Søn & Fritz Hansen still manufacturing his designs to this day. In addition to the PK52 Professor desk and the PK52A Student desk released by Carl Hansen & Søn, Fritz Hansen will be releasing limited-editions of the PK22 lounge chair and PK61 coffee table designed by Kjærholm to mark 60 years of the iconic pieces, launching in October they will only be sold for 12 months. You can see more of Poul Kjærholm's designs on our website.

PK52A Student desk

Tips for a better office space:

1. You can never have too much light or space

Lighting is a key part to any office – flood it with natural (and electric) light to increase your own productivity.

Chipperfield table lamp by Wästberg

For the ultimate office desk light with covet the NJP desk lamp by Louis Poulsen, soon to be extended into a wall and floor lights too, designed by Nendo, your office is in good hands. Alternatively, for a classic look, the Chipperfield W102 table lamp by Westberg gives a quiet luxury feel.

Nendo table light, designed by Nendo for Louis Poulsen

2. Relaxation spaces

Taking a break can most often be the most important time of the day to come up with new ideas, solve problems and refresh your mind from a busy work load. Breakout spaces give a change of scenery and also help to break down barriers to encourage communication, creativity and spontaneity – and sometimes a nice place to have an informal coffee meeting. We love, low comfort-giving seats and a coffee table to gather round. Chat boards are a space-saving solution to jot down ideas with your team too. And for the perfect coffee mug? We choose the Teema collection in our office, hardwearing, elegant and timeless.

3. Add your personality

At Skandium, we’re advocates for excellent, modern design within a supportive and creative working environment – and that includes keeping things neat and tidy to free your mind from unnecessary stresses. You can also ‘brand up’ your own personal space by adding small design items and stationery that is both useful and charming.

4. Comfort & Freedom

Well-designed furniture in the office can help increase productivity and most-importantly contribute to good health. In today’s digital age we believe in creating office spaces that can fit around the needs of the workers – even if it’s just in the home office.

Royal System by DK3

Having the ability to be freed from the traditional office set up is an enlightening thing – however there are times when you need to be in the office to exchange ideas, bond with the team and have meetings. The Kaari collection from Artek is a great way to incorporate a working space within extra storage – as is the modular systems from String and DK3.


String shelving by String     

To make sure everything has got a place to call home, see our Home Accessories storage for small solutions, like the Uten.Silo by Vitra or Restore baskets by Muuto.

5. Fusion

The ethos of your company shouldn’t stop at the website or store front. Mimicking your company within your workspace design is a great way for the employees (or even if it’s just yourself!) to understand the values and dreams for the company they work in. The average person reportedly spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime so by bringing in a sense of synergy and experience within the workplace and make people feel more at ease and connected with the common goal, even if it’s just choosing the right office furniture or lighting that represents your vision.
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Oxford classic armchair by Fritz Hansen