Jonas Lindvall, architect and designer

“I believe, we live under some kind of law of resonance. Buildings, rooms, furniture, lighting - these all have an effect on us. Our surroundings should not only reflect the way we want to feel, but should affect us in every aspect of our daily life.”      Jonas Lindvall Swedish architect and designer Jonas Lindvall studied interior architecture in Gothenburg, Sweden and was a guest student of furniture design both at the Royal College of Arts in London and Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen before returning to his hometown, Malmö, where he opened his own office in the mid-1990's. Over the years, he has created everything from villas and apartments, to Michelin star restaurants, hotels and more recently, the interior of Stockholm's Ersta church. As a designer, his portfolio is even more diverse, ranging from furniture and lighting, to kitchens and bathrooms.

An exponent of traditional craftsmanship, Jonas Lindvall creates new classics that reflect a spirit of modernity, whilst maintaining a profound respect for skills and techniques of the past. From the traditional turned chairs of the 18th century, which gave rise to Stolab’s Miss Holly, to the ecclesiastical references behind his 2004-2008 Sacred Boxes series, all provide inspiration for contemporary ideas and solutions. This is a theme that is inherent throughout his work, and comes from an insatiable curiosity and a passion for history.

As a child, Jonas developed a keen interest in building model cars; a hobby that has laid the foundation for an obsessive interest in engineering and industrial techniques. Today his childhood interest is played out on a larger scale, as he spends precious spare moments rebuilding vintage sports cars. Another great passion is cooking. The alchemic aspect of gastronomy is a major source of inspiration and is apparent in the design of Bloom In The Park in Malmö (2008) and Gastrologik in Stockholm (2011), both of which have received a Michelin star.

Jonas designed his first restaurant interior in 1993. Almost 20 years later, the interior of Malmö’s Koi restaurant remains for the most part, untouched, standing as a testament to the timeless appeal of his work. More recently the architect has garnered much attention for creating the interior of two of Sweden's top fine dining restaurants, namely Gastrologik in Stockholm and Bloom in The Park in Malmö, both of which received one Michelin Star. However, it is his architecture that has singled Jonas Lindvall out as one of Sweden's leading creative talents. Best known for Villa M2 in Malmö (2008), which has been widely published and featured as a location throughout the second series of the Swedish crime drama Bron (The Bridge), his work displays an inherent understanding and passion for his craft. [caption id="attachment_2976" align="alignleft" width="600"]

GastroLogik, Jonas Lindvall[/caption]

 As a furniture designer, projects, such as his Papa chair and Speyside side table - regarded as design classics - have received much acclaim, including the Excellent Swedish Design award four times consecutively and a place in the Victoria & Albert Museum's permanent collection. All of these interests are reflected in the designer’s work. Each project displays an inherent feeling for the materials and a complex understanding of the techniques and technical processes applied. Everything is scrutinized, all consuming to an almost addictive degree. Quite possibly, this is why Jonas Lindvall has gained a reputation both in Scandinavia and internationally, as a designer and architect of merit. "My aim is to create objects that have a familiar quality through a connection with the history of the object, yet are - at the same time - interesting and modern."