Kasthall | Quality never goes out of style, part 2

Welcome to the world of Kasthall rugs, a collection of hand tufted and woven rugs, made by hand at their factory in Sweden. Made to order, choose your rug from the  palette of colours, patterns and qualities in the collection. And if you don’t find the exact rug to suit your personal taste – Kasthall can create a bespoke design for you. View the collection About Kasthall Kasthall is immensely proud of their history, and the rugs reflect this. Yet to fully understand their passion for rugs, you should know they have a 120-year-old legacy to live up to that’s been built year after year, rug after rug, by the fine-tuned craftsmanship of hundreds of hands. It all began in 1889, when electricity was first introduced, the entrepreneur and designer Ludvig Anderson established a business called Kasthall in the small town of Kinna in the west of Sweden. It was the first industrial rug factory in the country. In a few years, the factory was manufacturing rugs and curtains. Word began to spread about the factory’s products: original rugs that were beautiful, durable and a pleasure to walk on. The quality of the rugs and the creative environment of the factory soon attracted the most have contributed to creating ’the Swedish modern style’.

In an increasingly standardised world in which products are mass manufactured, painstaking handwork is becoming increasingly rare. Kasthall represents: time for reflection, a longer perspective, united by a passion for one task: to create a rug that is unique, durable and irreplaceable having produced rugs for over 120 years. At Kasthall each woven and hand tufted rug is one of a kind, and receives a hand-signed label after its quality has been checked to the very last thread, with all their rugs are made to order and tailored to the customer’s individual wishes and needs. “We never forget our origin, which contains passion and dedication, something that might explain our success.” Today the Kasthall factory and headquarters are still located in exactly the same place – a symbol of their commitment to continuity and authenticity. If Ludvig Andersson were to visit us today, he would be pleased to find that their respect for the materials and handicraft remains intact and that his zest for innovation lives on.Though deeply rooted in Swedish traditions. [caption id="attachment_3248" align="alignleft" width="600"]

The Kasthall factory in Sweden[/caption] Kasthall has an archive dating back to the 1950’s with samples of most of the collections that have been manufactured since then. The archive also contains original sketches from designers, photographs and documents. The sketches are often real works of art, in watercolour, gouache or collage technique. The archive is part of the Kasthall culture serving as a continual source of inspiration.


At Kasthall all their rugs are special; made by hand with great care and attention to detail. Since all rugs are made to order, our clients have complete freedom to choose whatever size, colour and pattern suits them best from our vast collection. In addition to their collections, Kasthall Atelier offers the possibility to create a completely bespoke rug or carpet – whether it’s a complex textile tapestry, an unconventional shape, a unique pattern, or simply a perfectly matched colour. Whatever the aim is, a new unique expression or matching an existing interior, Kasthall realises any bespoke requirements! For more information or to enquire about a bespoke design, speak to our friendly team at your nearest Skandium store or customer service. View the collection or not to your taste? Shop our collection of rugs online. Let’s make your house a house filled with hygge this Autumn!