Korridor Design

We at Skandium are happy to welcome the fabulous Pyramid storage boxes by Korridor Design. These very finely crafted plywood creations with multiple layers of lacquer and carved wooden lock, give a great energy kick. A few arranged in a group offer the sense of  ‘candy store’, bringing joy to any space. The beautifully crafted boxes are to hold the small treasures of life. Korridor Design was launched in 2013 by the Danish company Novida, a company run by entrepreneur Marie Louise Holm and Henrik Ilfeldt. Having studied law, Marie Louise Holm was instead destined for the furniture industry. Meeting Henrik Ilfeldt in 2005, at the time a student at the school of design in Aarhus, the pair teamed up. Henrik Ilfeldt, the great grandson of royal Danish architect Hack Kampmann, was then studying to become a building architect, but soon switched to the interior line of architecture. The first product - a storage box - was sold in native Denmark through a national retailer.  Soon after, a line of more products followed, all designed by the pair. During a period of almost 10 years they travelled the world in search for good quality manufacturers able go along with high standards, flexible product development and manufacturing solutions, additionally offering  good caretaking of waste. They on their side would offer a fair price for good standards. The locations varied widely, from spinning mills in Uruguay, tanneries in Brazil and Argentina as well as wood product manufacturers in China. Today all wooden items are produced in China at small factories, able to support their community. The painting skills are in the hands of craftsmen in knowledge of fine lacquer and painting techniques handed down through generations, painting and polishing the product over and over again with admirable patience to bring forth perfect little boxes. Henrik loves colours and to mix materials and structures.  His inspiration often comes from architecture seen around the world. Thoughts about reflections of light, shades and angles join a mindset of bringing a small bit of fun and playfulness into any home. As in the classical Scandinavian design tradition, wood plays a big role in the Korridor line of products. Turned wood, painted wood, carved wood and the many other possibilities presented by wood to be one big playground in the design world of Korridor. In the production wooden pieces are glued together trying to minimalise waste as much as possible.. The trademark of Korridor is our series of Pyramid boxes, made in hand painted mdf with carved birch wood tops. The design derived from building architecture combined with a colour range that sometimes even can be found on real buildings, colours that lift the heart.  The Pyramid boxes are very functional and the different sizes are perfect for keeping small everyday things stored in a stylish way. With love from Korridor Design to you!