Yngve Ekström

Here at my summer holiday destination Fårö, Gotland,  - a pastoral  island in The Baltic Sea, grazing sheep are part of the rural landscape. The local lamb farmers are using every part of the animal, the meat, wool and skin. If you stop by one of the islands many hand painted signs reading "lamb skin" and take a look at the skins for sale you will soon discover that each skin is as unique and individual as each sheep. The colours vary from nuances of  white over gray to black. Hair can be curly, wavy or mixed. In cold Sweden a lamb skin is cosy and warm during wintertime and used for clothes, as blankets, seat cushions, covers for bicycle saddles, for warming up strollers and childrens sleds among many things.  One of Skandiums most popular products the armchair Lamino is made of oak and lambskin. Lamino was produced by Yngve Ekström 1956 and is still in production and sold worldwide famous and loved for being so comfortable. In 1999 Lamino was voted the Twentieth Century's Best Swedish Furniture Design by the Swedish interior magazine Sköna Hem. Say hello to Lamino!