Mari Johanna Isopahkala

Mari Johanna Isopahkala (1978) Master of Arts

No Jaa light

Mari Isopahkala is a Helsinki based freelancer designer with a wide product portfolio, who moves freely between different disciplines from furniture, light, rugs, glass, jewelry, interior design, and is ever evolving into new territories by exploring the meaning of products we surround ourselves with.  All her products share her ever present desire to tell a story about the object and inspire reactions and emotions in the beholder. Objects are not just empty things, they should have a meaning for being, making it possible to  create a bond between humans and items.

Maria has been selected as the designer of the Year, the Nova Nordic Design Award 2012, for her innovative lighting, gorgeous jewelry, beautiful furnishing fabrics and elegant glassware. In a sculpturally interesting and imaginative way, she successfully pushes boundaries of the strong Finnish design tradition. Her creations go above and beyond the existing motto of ‘better everyday ware’……

Maria Isopahkala belongs to design collectives, Imu Design and Design Migration. With these collectives and other contemporary design groups Maria has been exhibited with various projects in all over the Europe and United States. Her design can be found both  in domestic and international productions. Last years she has been working amongst other with light and glass. Her latest work is a jewelry collection ‘Winter Pearl’ for the Finnish company Lapponia Jewelry.


Mari was educated at University of Art and Design Helsinki / Applied art and design / Master of Arts Lahti Polythecnic / Design Institute / Interior architecture and furniture design / Designer AMK Hämeenlinna Polytechnic / Wetterhoff / Glass Design Liminka Art School Kalajoki secondary school / secondary school graduate

Jam Light

a Mari’s experience and inspiration is to work with a number of materials for different reasons. Design is storytelling for her, bringing objects to life and able to interact.

“There always need to be a reason to do. The reason can be to strive for the functional or beauty, best for both.”


And how cool is this? Ruffle Carpet by Mari Isopahkala. We have some very deep pile Gotland Sheepskin rugs in our guest room and every time I shake them, money falls out. They aren't magic but still it seems so…… I guess this one would do the same. We all need everyday magic.


Modern Nordic Crystal – give us more……..

                     A star is born - can’t get enough………


Go Mari Go! We can’t wait for the next thing to come! Finnish designer Mari Isopahkala, winner of the 2012 Nova Nordic Designer of the Year award.