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At the cost of North Jutland in Denmark, close to the water, wind and sand, Anders and Christian Porsmose Larsen, two enthusiastic foodie brothers founded Nordisk Køkken.  A production plant dedicated to preserve all the nourishment nature offers by creating jars of the most delicious foods. Here by the shoreline they have built their state of the art food factory. Nordisk Køkken develop and produce the finest handmade specialties with recipes unearthed from the past, long before industrial food production smashed the last remnant of decency left in food culture. Prompted by the very active pioneers and advocates of Nordic cuisine, they have committed to take active part in the global dissemination of natures gifts, raw materials and methods of preparation and preservation of which they say: "we have used for centuries in our culture."


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With great respect towards nature and the pioneers in the food industry, we put together our range of natural ingredients. Carefully selected, so strength and colours remain intact, leaving out the addition of harmful preservatives and artificial starch products. In order to have constant focus on quality, all production, filling, labeling and packaging is done by hand. We are looking for exciting ingredients in all the Nordic countries. Our curiosity spurs us to identify new raw materials and mixing these in new innovative ways. All produce must have the absolute optimal growth conditions so texture, taste and colour are naturally heightened. Our range is controlled by the seasons and we continually add exciting new products to our assortment. Some products are harvested insmall quantities, all of top quality to enable us to produce delicacies which best represent our great Nordic nature.  Home stirred mustards and marinades with creamy texture will beautifully round off even the simplest dishes and our fruit sauces, sending you right back to childhood memories of wonderful summers. We produce preserves and chutneys with more berries and fruit than anyone else offers, and our smoked salts and oils send any meal to heaven.

Our range is very widely proven. We offer different product categories, which can be used either as they are or as an ingredient in a recipe. At present, we have developed  a completely new set of exciting products, which we will add to our range over the next 12 months. Among other selected bakery products, soups and delicious sweets from the Northern hemisphere, enjoy!

Never before has the Nordic raw food material received so much attention, as it currently does. Both in Denmark and other Nordic countries, we consume ‘own grown’ as never before. But also in the rest of the world there’s a growing demand for both Nordic raw materials, our Nordic cuisine as such and in particular our Northern specialties. Helped along by Claus Meyer, the Nordic chefs, NOMA’s success and Rasmus Kofoed’s championship as one of the world’s greatest chefs, it appeals to more consumers that raw materials and foods from the Nordic countries are at a very high culinary level. This applies both to so-called Gourmet dishes where cooking becomes a culinary art form and to everyday meal preparation, where simplicity and speed often are the key factors.

Food is an important component of Nordic culture and a part of our identity and history. Nordic cooking, with its superb raw materials and excellence in gastronomy, forms a visual and appetising element of the Nordic brand, expressing our fundamental values and reflecting our societies.

The great interest in Nordic cuisine has an effect like a blender on high speed. Producers develop more and more new exciting quality products, while the consumers demand ever more from the producer’s hand. We dare to guarantee that it will be an exciting culinary journey - a journey which has still just begun and hopefully will never end.

Welcome to Nordisk at Skandium!

Nordisk Jul

Christmas is the absolute peak of the year for many people. To the delight of ourselves and others, we have put together aclassic Christmas range which we simply named 'Nordic Christmas'. We have cozy memories of childhood Christmas's, with visions of white winters, warm fireplace, candle light, marzipan, chocolate, biscuits and scalding hot mulled wine.

In our Christmas range, we've poured all these memories on glass and bottle to be enjoyed during the Christmas days. We have put together an assortment including red and white mulled wine, Christmas preserve, Christmas mustard and a fantastic Christmas cherry-blackberry sauce for the cold rice pudding.

Like all of our products, these are home madeusing homegrown ingredients, which are rounded off with Christmas spices and no additives of any kind. If ever there is a time for abundance, it is Christmas. In our products we let the vegetables, fruits and spice run wild. The expression of our products is visually simple with inviting packaging, celebrating thebest our earth has to offer.

Please join us at Skandium on the 14th and 15th of November between 16.00 - 19.00 to try out what Anders and Christian from Nordisk Køkken have to offer!

Images courtesy of Nordisk Køkken.