One in, One Out: Make it Minimalist, Keep it Simple

How to minimalise your interior: tips from a lover of Scandinavian design

Welcome to the first in our series One in, one out. Minimalism is more than just a trend of ‘keeping it simple.’ It’s one of the defining characteristics of Scandinavian design, and at Skandium, that’s what we’re all about. If you want to bring this Scandinavian ideal into your interior and make your home a minimalist haven, read on. We spoke to Lena from Travelmonkey who is based in Copenhagen for two of her greatest tips to create a space that reflects the minimalist mindset.

Use colour wisely

What makes a minimalist interior? Well, as Lena says, “In Scandinavia, minimalism is not just a trend but a traditional design that people grow up with.” Minimalist designs are borne out of simple classics that don’t go out of fashion.

This means a delicate use of colour. “Settling down in a Copenhagen apartment with its typical white walls, there is no urge to suddenly flash colours all over it,” says Lena. Colour should be added deliberately and carefully to your space, using subtle tones. A little understated colour can go a long way; Lena suggests adding these in small, soft furnishings “such as pillows or candles.”

Meanwhile, keep your larger pieces monochrome. “This retains the neutrality of the space,” advises Lena, and keeps rooms simple and traditional.

Shop and recycle consciously

Minimalism is not just about what you have in the home, but also your attitude to disposing of the old and bringing in the new. “If you want to bring a new item of furniture home, one of the old ones has to go,” says Lena. She says that despite being an avid shopper, living in a compact Copenhagen apartment has given her an incentive to take on the minimalist mindset. “Older clothes stored in my closet have to be carefully scrutinised for elimination.”

Before you throw away your old furniture, consider its destination. Lena recycles everything and donates or gifts old items when they’re still usable. Often, something we no longer use might be perfect for someone else, so allow your furniture to live on. Nowadays, this is even easier - “Thankfully, we are living in a shared-economy world, where items are easily resold on internet bulletin boards,” says Lena.

Keep it timeless, colour-conscious and sustainable. If you’re inspired to ‘minimalise’ your interior, why not visit the Skandium online shop for classic, tasteful designs that last? We’d love to hear your tips for creating and nurturing a minimalist home, share them with us on Instagram.

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