One In, One Out: Stick to What You Need

Interview with Margarita Babina   We hope you’ve been inspired by the first two posts in our One In, One Out series – if you’re looking for more ways to adopt the minimalist lifestyle and interior ideas, then read on. This week, we spoke to New York model Margarita Babina for her top two tips for making the minimalist life a reality.

 Step one: stick to what you need Margarita considers this the first step: “To start the minimal journey it is essential to keep your clothing and belongings to what’s necessary.” When making a new purchase, consider whether you really need it. Make the most of space solutions, too. “It is a bit hard for me because I study fashion design.

I have many different things to create clothing, but everything goes in boxes with the same design to keep the place organised and clean.” Margarita keeps her space clutter-free by clearing it once a month and avoiding buying souvenirs when on holiday.

Step two: make the most of what you already have.  “The minimalism form of living for me means being in abundance with what I already have,” says Margarita. This means appreciating your current possessions and re-using what you have. “One item can be enough for many occasions.”

Consider whether you already have something that could fulfil a function, and when buying something new, make sure it’s versatile and will last. Minimalism requires careful thought about your space when making new purchases – is it something you need, and can you use it again and again? If you’re looking for space solutions and long-lasting furniture, visit the Skandium online shop, and share with us your favourite versatile items on Instagram.