Stig Lindberg 1916 - 1982

One of Sweden’s most important post war designers, Stig Lindberg, created a huge portfolio of everlasting products. He started with whimsical studio ceramics and graceful tableware during a long career as creative director at the pottery factory Gustavsberg (founded 1825).

For many Swedes, Stig Lindberg is representative of the playful design of the 1950s. Lindberg studied at the Swedish State School of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, hoping to become a painter.  His painting talent is very evident in all the different disciplines he has been working in. After graduating in 1937 he accepted an employment as a faience painter at Gustavsberg pottery for Wilhelm Kåge, then creative director. Kåge became a major influence on the young Lindberg, and in 1949 Lindberg was named his successor as art director of Gustavsberg.

Stig Lindberg always experimented freely and worked in a range of styles and materials. His eye for sculpture and proportion is evident in his precarious ceramics from the 1950s and 60s. His unique stoneware from this period is to be found in museum collections around the world.

Beside the work for Gustavsberg, he worked in a number of different areas such as glass design, textile design, as an illustrator, painter, and industrial designer. He lectured at the University of Arts in Stockholm (Konstfack) as a senior lecturer. Stig Lindberg achieved fame far beyond his countries borders for his eccentric forms and whimsical decorations. Humor was his trademark; it set him apart from everyone else both during his lifetime and beyond. Because of his playful nature, he loved working as a children’s book illustrator.

It has never been granted to use the Stig Lindberg illustrations for any product other than they where originally intended for. Skandium is therefore very proud to be the first ever to use illustrations by Lindberg on a product, they where not meant originally to be used for. We chose the illustrations from the ‘Daniel Doppsko’ book (Daniel ‘Dip Your Toe’, not yet translated into English language) for a series of mugs, which we hope, will be the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration.


Lindberg kept working for the Gustavsberg studio until 1980, when he moved to Italy to establish his own studio. Through his work, he set a certain tone, which was unique to him and has never been surpassed. His work was and still is very unique, which marks him as one of the most influential and cherished Swedish designers. Skandium is very proud to revive a little part of his legacy. Stig Lindberg’s signum contained originality, humor and style, a true rarity, why we will always cherish his work.