The ABC of Scandinavian design: A is for Architectmade

Learn the ABC of Scandinavian design with our new Skandium blog series. Each week, we’ll focus on different brands and designers, sharing our knowledge, interests and expertise with you. This week, we turn the spotlight to Architectmade from Denmark, whose philosophy of quality and timelessness makes their products a long-term investment. We’ve gathered the most interesting facts about the company and selected our favourite designs from their collection.

Architectmade’s designs draw on centuries of knowledge Architectmade’s designers are rigorous in their research. Their creations are informed not only by the greats of design but by archives, drawings and museums. They seek what makes a master, drawing on the best sources and experts while delving into their imagination. Their designs draw not only on aesthetics but also on architectural knowledge and functionality. Architectmade pairs its designs with specific craftspeople Manufacturing is an essential part of achieving great design. Architectmade oversees every aspect of the process and selects the best craftspeople to make its architects’ designs a reality. This close relationship leads to high-quality creations, faithful to the artist’s vision. Some of Architectmade’s designers make their own objects: for example, Nikolaj Klitgaard, who began crafting in his grandfather’s carpentry workshop and is exceptionally talented in lathework.

Each Architectmade product goes through three rounds of quality control Not only are Architectmade’s designs brilliant technically, but their creations are also of an exceptional standard; each product is subject to three rounds of quality control and meticulous inspection. Both the design and the physical form stand the test of time and represent lifelong investments. Our favourites from Architectmade You can’t mention Architectmade without remarking on Kristian Vedel’s legendary BIRD family. Each of his beautiful BIRDs is made from oak and has its own look, using only a few simple lines and different perspectives to create new expressions. Whether you’re after the small, large or chubby bird, each has a unique personality. 

Another favourite is the FJ clock. Designed by Frans Juhl in 1950 for the New York United Nations Trusteeship Council Chamber, its sleek lines and simple markings make telling the time timeless. It is made from teak wood and aluminium and is a minimalist classic for an understated Scandinavian-inspired interior. Find these products in the online Skandium shop, and let us know on Instagram which your favourites are.