The ABC of Scandinavian Design: B is for by Lassen

Next in Skandium’s ABC of Scandinavian design: by Lassen. If you’re fond of functional yet attractive furniture, look no further than by Lassen’s unique homeware. This Danish design company continues the work of Mogens and Flemming Lassen, two of Denmark’s most well-known architects. Read on for some interesting facts and a few of our favourite picks.

A difficult journey to design stardom Mogens and Flemming Lassen overcame many obstacles to become architects. While their peers were studying and graduating from the Royal Academy in Denmark, the two brothers were short of money, and Mogens Lassen had dyslexia. They took a less traditional route to architectural greatness: through apprenticeships and perseverance.

The most expensive chair in Denmark The original Tired Man Lounge Chair, designed by Mogens Lassen in 1935, holds the record for the most expensive chair ever auctioned in Denmark - it was sold for DKK 1.42 million ($236,000) in 2014. With its distinctive yet comforting shape and the reputable Lassen name attached, it’s hardly surprising that the Chair was so sought after. A more affordable but no less beautiful Tired Man is available in the Skandium online shop.

Our favourites from by Lassen If you have been inspired by the curves of the Tired Man Lounge Chair, consider the accompanying Footstool. It echoes the iconic shape of the Chair and provides comfort unlike any other.

For classic hygge décor, the Kubus candleholder is a must-have. A modern design icon, the candleholder comes in two sizes and is the perfect detail to add cosiness to a minimalist space. Explore by Lassen’s designs in the Skandium online shop, and share your favourites with us on Instagram.