The ABC of Scandinavian design: Carl Hansen, Century-defining craftsmanship

Founded in 1908 by Danish master cabinetmaker Carl Hansen, Carl Hansen & Søn furniture manufacturers remain devoted to producing sustainable pieces of lasting beauty for over a century. A refined balance of simplicity, durability and timeless beauty characterise Carl Hansen’s Danish design classics. Based on a long history of fine craftsmanship combined with the modern insights of remarkable designers, Carl Hansen’s furniture showcases a deep respect for thoughtful design and production. Every piece tells its own unique story by using the highest quality of materials and manpower to continue its mission in exuding functional magnificence for over 100 years.

As a producer of numerous classical furniture designs from the Danish Modern period, Carl Hansen & Søn is notably recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of iconic furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner. After World War II, a new generation of young Danish furniture designers emerged, and in 1949, a creative partnership was born between Hansen’s son Holger Hansen and Wegner. Wegner’s design ideas were often seen as exceedingly avant-garde for its time however as the partnership evolved, a successful furniture series developed that included the now-world renowned Wishbone Chair (1950). Carl Hansen & Søn’s international partnership with Japanese architect Tadao Ando focuses on coupling creative innovation with sustainability in our ever-changing and fast-paced world. By working with contemporary designers Carl Hansen & Søn’s continue to excel in the Danish Modern principles of simplicity, functionality and craftsmanship to reinvent modern spaces.

‘Timeless beauty, comfort, craftsmanship, and sustainability are so deeply ingrained in all our furniture works that only sight and touch are required to understand and fall in love with them’ - Knud Erik Hansen, CEO and owner.  In its third generation of family craftmanship, Knud Erik Hansen states that it is through the utmost respect for quality and organic forms that makes each Carl Hansen & Søn piece so remarkable. It is about remaining true to the natural Danish surroundings.

‘We have stuck to the old principles of using material from Denmark that we had growing out of the backyard. We have no oil, no iron, we have no raw materials besides water, our brains, and our hands.’ - Knud Erik Hansen Sustainability and functionality have always been a core value of Carl Hansen & Søn. In a press release in 2018, Knud Erik Hansen describes the ever-growing demand from consumers for sustainable products and designs that can be passed down through generations. Using only organic wood from controlled forests in Denmark, Carl Hansen’s artistic masterpieces deliver the finest nature-inspired designs for everyday use while illustrating timeless beauty, each with its own story.