“The most comfortable seats in the world” – 4 of Sharon Ament’s Skandium favourites

Meet your next interior design inspiration: Sharon Ament, Director of the Museum of London. Back in July, Sharon Ament mentioned her love of Skandium’s lighting and comfortable chairs in an interview with Homes & Properties. She kindly shared with us her favourites from the collection, how she styles them in her home, and what’s next on her wish-list.

I am currently in lust with the classic Lamino Chair with sheepskin; it’s amazingly comfortable. I’ve been searching for months for the perfect chair to read novels in. It has to be just right. Along with the footstool, this is the one for me. I could not believe how comfortable it was when I tried it in the store in South Kensington. I’m waiting for my birthday or Christmas for this one.

We recently bought a Reade Table Lamp, by Menu. It’s perfect in our dining room and goes well with the walnut sideboard - it provides a beautiful warm golden glow, is dimmable, and looks great with its exposed light bulb and simple design. I’m not always a fan of lampshades.

I love coloured glass, so love the Essence Tumblers in olive green. They’re mysterious, but having said that, I also get a retro-warm glow from the Ultima Thul glassware; it reminds me of the glasses of my childhood in the ’70s, I am sure that they weren’t designer though.

Finally, the HVI Votive candle holders because I just love the colour ranges. For me, these are the perfect present - I love choosing different colours for different people as presents. I buy one for myself every so often, it’s like choosing from a sweet shop - I can’t decide what colours I like the most. But I only use them in the cold months, so roll on autumn.   Inspired? Find Sharon Ament’s favourites in the collection in the Skandium online shop, and share your cosy-making lights and seating with us on Instagram.