The Why and How of Minimalist Living with Anna from Paris With Me

How can you incorporate minimalist ideas into your lifestyle? Continuing our One In, One Out series on minimalism, we spoke to Anna from Paris With Me about how it influences her day-to-day life and buying habits. What is minimalism living for you? For me, it is about not being afraid to let the old stuff go: donate, sell, recycle. Instead, be mindful of what you are buying.

How does the minimalism trend affect your view of the apartment you live in? I live in Paris where apartments are often really small, so you have to make a choice between overflowing your space with stuff or making careful decisions about new purchases. We try to buy furniture with many compartments; I also have a deal with my boyfriend to keep some surfaces clean with no stuff on it (like our marble chimney that is only allowed a couple of books on it).

 Have you changed your shopping habits since discovering minimalism? First, I transformed my lust for buying into an almost obsessive desire to donate or sell and give a new life to my pre-loved items like clothing, jewellery, shoes, books and magazines. I also try to invest into something I really REALLY want; perhaps an expensive piece that will be loved for ages. I save for this item or try to sell my pre-loved stuff for the same amount as the new purchase. Let’s talk about a minimalist home. Give us the “Minimalist design lover 101”.

  • Keep your surfaces clean; if your stuff doesn’t fit into any furniture or shelves - then think about what you are ready to let go.
  • Invest in solid classic items in neutral colours that will last for a long time.
  • Use your furniture with care: for example, don’t put wet glasses on wooden surfaces…

 Any tips for breaking the “more, more, more” mindset? I think we should all educate ourselves on what is going on with our planet right now, what our capitalist, consumption-driven society has done to our only home. Before buying a 10€ t-shirt that will be worn once and then thrown away, we should always ask ourselves why this T-shirt is so cheap, how is it produced and where does it go once thrown away? Also, try to think globally about your wardrobe, keep in mind everything you have and before making another purchase, think of at least 4-5 options you will be able to wear it with. Rent clothes for special occasions, and gift-give-sell-donate everything you don’t need anymore. Be mindful of your purchases, avoid clutter and dispose of old items sustainably. If the minimalist lifestyle appeals to you, check the Skandium online shop for furniture and décor that will stand the test of time.