Top 10 storage solutions for your house for this spring

Spring cleaning: something you look forward to or a bit of a drag? Whichever category you fall into, these Scandinavian brands are ready to put some joy into tidying up. Start the new season with Skandium – read on to discover your next storage solution.

String pocket – shelving that’s neat and stylish

String pocket is the ultimate in versatile storage. Its stable shelves combined with its subtle aesthetic makes it a favourite among Scandi interior enthusiasts. With multiple colours and materials available, there’s a String pocket for every interior.

Sko shoe rack – function meets beauty

Give your shoes a stylish home with Sko shoe rack. No unnecessary materials, just exquisite design that works. If you love Scandinavian minimalism, you’ll love Sko. 

Libri desk – for an artistic workspace

Libri desk is more than a place to work. Its two extra shelves can be used for storage, and the piece itself can be combined with other shelves to create room dividers. Simple, scaled back design available in black or white ash. 

Snow pedestal J4 – expressive multifunctionality

Asplund’s Snow pedestal J4 is an uncomplicated, playful design. Its cutout handles make it a charming piece. There are many options for combinations of the Snow pedestal, so whatever your storage needs, there’s something available. 

Pre-configured String shelving system – All your storage solutions in one piece

Too much to put away, too little time? Let String handle it. This pre-configured system offers space to work, display and, of course, store. Enjoy the beauty of String shelves designed especially for your home.

Libri shelf – so many combinations

Libri shelf is not just for displaying art, it’s a piece of art itself. This shelving system is spacious and versatile. Consider pairing it with another Libri shelf for a free-standing structure.

Planner Shelving – Enduring style

Planner Shelving is utterly timeless. At home in a traditional interior or a more modern setting, it offers a design that will last. Its sturdy oak and straight steel lines are attractive and straightforward. 

Flutter Storage Unit – No-nonsense, multipurpose storage

Simple and spacious, Flutter Storage Unit has a never-ending list of uses. It is available in 42 shades, which means it will fit with almost any colours scheme. Combine it with other Montana storage for flexible, minimalist solutions. 

Norr Magazine Holder - Black - A clean, elementary book and magazine display

For the cultured minimalist. Norr Magazine Holder is stripped back to the bare bones of storage. Despite its straightforward design, it goes further than merely storing magazines; it displays objects without distracting from their beauty. 

Air Cabinet – A lighter storage system

Storage has never been so desirable. Air Cabinet’s graphic pattern is playful and exciting, while the cane panels are functional and beautiful. It offers more ventilation and depth than a traditional cupboard and is an ode to natural materials.